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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Poetry >.

Current mood: creative

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"Driving me insane"
She walks past me in the hallway
And i cant help but stare
An angel standing at 5'2
With silky black hair
At times out eyes meet
Everything slows down
Just me and her
Our heartbeats the only sound
She embraces me with a hug
Staring into my eyes
If only i could tell her how i feel
For whome my heart beats inside
But for now...
I'll continue to dream in vain
Longing for the girl
That drives me insane.
First time was like heaven
Life meets the finer things
Highest sky decends
Granted love wins
More or less, all is all
You know it's true love
When everytime you see her
Is a wonderous gift from above
Second time was luck
Luck is what i need
To still be with such beauty
This is the beginning of our seed
Planted immediately
As a promise from me to you
I promise to love and to care
And more importantly be true
Third time was a charm
Nature crowns its queen
Upmost respect required
Satisfying the dean
To my heart and soul
For so long, we were apart
But it makes up as we kiss
Completing the pieces to my heart
In brief, i thank you
For holding me tight
To not let go, Cause' without you
I'd never see a holy sight
Lets see what you got! :D
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musicdude120 wrote on Aug 23rd, 2010 6:46pm

some gud poems...


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