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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hey a blog

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So I was chatting on Facebook a moment ago (the chat function being something I will murder should it manifest into a physical form) and an interesting status appeared at the top of my feed. I'll post it here verbatim, save for name changes for the sake of privacy:

Cocquie ClifthopsTruck sounds soo good. 6 speakers 2 more to go!
           Asswald Brightmoon likes this
              Cocquie Clifthops sooo good man...hooked up an amp today 2 speakers 1 amp and some subs then im doone
               Asswald Brightmoon sounds sick

If we're unable to decipher that without the familiar Facebook layout, Cocquie made a status, Asswald "liked" it, and upon feeling that this notion of approval was enough to warrant embellishing on details, Cocquie embellished away. Asswald was then stricken with enough awkwardness privy to being talked to upon the slightest provocation that he replied in a 2 word dismissive manner.

I see this more and more. I can attribute this to either being on the internet too much, or a wave of increasing self-importance among my own circle of friends. I'm inclined to go with the latter, being the addict I am. 

Anyway, committing the deadly sin of giving a shit about social networking in any way, shape, or form, I ask you, dear reader, to not take this bait should it happen to you. It's what they want. Egos must be put down. "Liking" must remain the universal sign of not caring enough to incite conversation, but enough to nod in approval. 

Or don't. I think I might just hate my friends and anything they do even slightly obnoxious makes me write rants on guitar sites.
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