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Wish You Were Here (Originally by Pink Floyd)   (05:33)
I tried out for a contest (which i lost) that involved me recording songs...This was the last one i did, and the only one that had a FULL back track...i'm playing the guitar...And yes, i messed up a few times (Mostly in the begining) { Tags : Pink, Floyd, Wish, You, Were, Here }
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Beth (Originally Preformed by Kiss)   (02:28)
The Second of 4 songs i did for a contest i entered and lost...I had my Chior Teacher record the piano in the background about a week ahead of time...i should have practiced with it beforehand... { Tags : Beth, Kiss, Vagina, blah }
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Your Song (Elton John Cover)   (04:14)
This is a result of discovering how great the acoustics in the dorms stairwell are. I've been looking for a cheap, simple way to record covers and originals, and i finally found it. So, i'll be uploading more on a weekly basis.

There's a few mess ups, but this as close to a perfect take as i've gotten in the past week. Enjoy! { Tags : Elton, John, Dean, Villearreal, Taco, Acoustic, Cover }
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Wish You Were Here (NEW! Pink Floyd Cover)   (04:29)
Once again, recorded in the stairwell of my res. hall. This one is one of my personal favorites, and was one i've recorded before. I decided to try something different and do some multi-track recording for this, and tested out Audacity to do some editing and some cool (or what i consider cool) effects, including a neat little backwards guitar thing-a-ma-jig at the end there.

So, once again, enjoy! { Tags : Pink, Floyd, Dean, Villearreal, Cover, Taco }
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