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Sunday, July 05, 2009

I few things i hate

Current mood: annoyed

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Well...Just kinda feel like venting...i'm not expecting responses or anything...this is just me stating a few things i hate

1. People who don't call/text back.
  -Perfect example today. Texting my buddy Troy...said something stupid to be funny. Nothing...Whats worse is when you have something importaint to tell you call them a couple times and keep getting the machine. Then, next time you see them IN PERSON they ask you what you wanted.

2. People who hate on Guitar Hero/Rock Band
  -Dude...we all get it. Musicians get pissy because people who play the game "all think they are Uber-Kewl!" I have never met anyone who is like "Oh yeah, well i can play Through The Fire and Flames on Expert!!" in conversation. And if they do, just fucking ignore it. The game is meant to be fun, not supposed to replace the talent. It's like playing's JUST A GAME!!!

3. Close minded people
  -I'll admit, i'm guilty of thise one sometimes. It's especially annoying when it comes to music. My friend has never heard a Doors song, yet claims they are "Too weird and suck". Couple days ago, i made him listen to "Hello, I Love You"...And he likes it...then i tell him The Doors play it...and he's like "Oh, never mind" and changes the song...

4. Jeff Buckley Marks
  -I'm sorry guys...but Jeff Buckley...I didn't find him very amazing. Hearing about how "amazing" he is is kind of annoying. I'll admit, he's a really good singer...but people hype him up to be a god. I've tried to see what people see..but i just can't...

5. Porn with Plots
  -Any porno with a story behind it doesn't need to exist...

6. Internet Memes
  -I Know i can't do anything about this...but they all annoy the fuck out of me...Especially the one of Axl's funny the first couple times...but's just annoying. Although...Mudkipz is funny...

Well...thats all for now...Just venting a bit...
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Crazymike100 wrote on Jul 5th, 2009 10:04pm

.3 No one likes close minded people. Me mum hates some of my friends because they're gay, and I hate her for it. Who was it that said respect begets respects and anger breeds only anger? Probably Ghandi, that guy was a goddamn visionary.

Anyways, make sure to eat your vegetables and practice your Kung Fu. Good day to you, Sir. I SAID GOOD DAY. -slams door-


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