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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Thing A Week Update 2 (6/2/09)

Current mood: Bummed

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Well...Fuck...I got through the first 5 songs on thing a week no problem...but School let out last week...and coincidently the song for that week was schools out. So i went home to play it...

 Well, a few weeks before that i started having problems with my guitar. The part where i plug the cord into the guitar (I don't know the technical name for it) was loose, and made a horrible feedback sound. And it went on for weeks. I Would unscrew the little part, adjust the wire, and it would stop for a day or two, then keep on doing it again...

 Well, finally, when i sat down on the last day of school (Last Thursday) to play, i plugged in my guitar, and it started acting up i adjusted it as i had been for the past few weeks...Well, when i went to move the wire snapped off of where the cord gets plugged it...and now it won't work at all...

 So...yeah...I'm guitarless for a few weeks...and i'm going to take my guitar into my local music store to see if they will fix it...or show me how to fix it...

 It's a real bummer, because i was doing pretty, Thing a Week will be put on Hiatus until my guitar is fixed...or until i buy a new one...

Laterz \m/
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