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Sunday, August 09, 2009

In Tribute To Bill Cosby (Hair Growth For Life)

Current mood: Random

 A few friends and i have Decided that, in honor of the great achivements Bill Cosby has made over the course of his life, that we (long hair advocits) will continue to grow out our hair (Scalp, Facial, and Pubes) until Bill Cosby passes away...and then in tribute and mourning of him, we will shave our hair...

 It was kind of a stupid idea that we decided to take seriously. And, honestly, if anyone deserves a tribute when the pass, it's Bill Cosby.

So, please, Pray that Bill stays alive for many years to come!
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Sunday, July 05, 2009

I few things i hate

Current mood: annoyed

Well...Just kinda feel like venting...i'm not expecting responses or anything...this is just me stating a few things i hate

1. People who don't call/text back.
  -Perfect example today. Texting my buddy Troy...said something stupid to be funny. Nothing...Whats worse is when you have something importaint to tell you call them a couple times and keep getting the machine. Then, next time you see them IN PERSON they ask you what you wanted.

2. People who hate on Guitar Hero/Rock Band
  -Dude...we all get it. Musicians get pissy because people who play the game "all think they are Uber-Kewl!" I have never met anyone who is like "Oh yeah, well i can play Through The Fire and Flames on Expert!!" in conversation. And if they do, just fucking ignore it. The game is meant to be fun, not supposed to replace the talent. It's like playing's JUST A GAME!!!

3. Close minded people
  -I'll admit, i'm guilty of thise one sometimes. It's especially annoying when it comes to music. My friend has never heard a Doors song, yet claims they are "Too weird and suck". Couple days ago, i made him listen to "Hello, I Love You"...And he likes it...then i tell him The Doors play it...and he's like "Oh, never mind" and changes the song...

4. Jeff Buckley Marks
  -I'm sorry guys...but Jeff Buckley...I didn't find him very amazing. Hearing about how "amazing" he is is kind of annoying. I'll admit, he's a really good singer...but people hype him up to be a god. I've tried to see what people see..but i just can't...

5. Porn with Plots
  -Any porno with a story behind it doesn't need to exist...

6. Internet Memes
  -I Know i can't do anything about this...but they all annoy the fuck out of me...Especially the one of Axl's funny the first couple times...but's just annoying. Although...Mudkipz is funny...

Well...thats all for now...Just venting a bit...
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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Thing A Week Update 2 (6/2/09)

Current mood: Bummed

Well...Fuck...I got through the first 5 songs on thing a week no problem...but School let out last week...and coincidently the song for that week was schools out. So i went home to play it...

 Well, a few weeks before that i started having problems with my guitar. The part where i plug the cord into the guitar (I don't know the technical name for it) was loose, and made a horrible feedback sound. And it went on for weeks. I Would unscrew the little part, adjust the wire, and it would stop for a day or two, then keep on doing it again...

 Well, finally, when i sat down on the last day of school (Last Thursday) to play, i plugged in my guitar, and it started acting up i adjusted it as i had been for the past few weeks...Well, when i went to move the wire snapped off of where the cord gets plugged it...and now it won't work at all...

 So...yeah...I'm guitarless for a few weeks...and i'm going to take my guitar into my local music store to see if they will fix it...or show me how to fix it...

 It's a real bummer, because i was doing pretty, Thing a Week will be put on Hiatus until my guitar is fixed...or until i buy a new one...

Laterz \m/
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thing A Week Update 1 (4/23)

Current mood: artistic

So i thought long and hard about the songs to do for the "thing a week" i'm doing starting Monday...and i sat in all my boring classes (which are almost all of them) and wrote out the list. I decided to go from teh easiest song i could think of and go to the hardest i wanted to's the list
  1. All the Small Things-blink-182
  2. Blitzkreig Bop-The Ramones
  3. I Love Rock N' Roll-Joan Jett
  4. Smoke On The Water-Deep Purple
  5. School's Out-Alice Cooper
  6. Icky Thump-The White Stripes
  7. The Joker-Steve Miller
  8. Juke Box Hero-Forigner
  9. All The Young Dudes-Mott The Hoople
  10. Highway To Hell-AC/DC
  11. No Rain-Blind Melon
  12. Detroit Rock City-KISS
  13. Silent Lucidity-Queensryche
  14. When The Crowds Are GOne-Savatage
  15. Paranoid-Black Sabbath
  16. Wonder Wall-Oasis
  17. Mary Jane's Last Dance-Tom Petty
  18. Hypnotized-System Of A Down
  19. Start e Up-The Rolling Stones
  20. Helena-My CHemical Romance
  21. Gutter Ballet-Savatage
  22. Shine-Collective Soul
  23. Billion Dollar Babies-Alice Cooper
  24. Runnin' With The Devil-Van Halen
  25. Come Sail Away-Styx
  26. Revolution-The Beatles
  27. Seperate Ways (Worlds Apart)-Journey
  28. Cherry Pie-Warrant
  29. Holy Diver-Dio
  30. Bohemian Raphsody-Queen
  31. War Pigs-Black Sabbath
  32. Don't Stop Believin'-Journey
  33. I Wanna Be Somebody-W.A.S.P.
  34. Renegade-Styx
  35. Carry On My Wayward Son-Kansas
  36. Welcome Home-Coheed and Cambria
  37. Nothing Else Matters-Metallica
  38. A Tout Le Monde-Megadeth
  39. Estranged-Guns N' Roses
  40. Sweet Home Alabama-Lynyrd Skynyrd
  41. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
  42. Symphony Of Destruction-Megadeth
  43. Little Dreamer-Van Halen
  44. Tom Sawyer-Rush
  45. Sweet Child O' Mine-Gn'R
  46. Heartbreaker-Led Zeppelin
  47. Bark At The Moon-Ozzy
  48. Youth Gone Wild-Skid Row
  49. Working Man-Rush
  50. Voodoo Child-Jimi Hendrix Experience
  51. Run To The Hills-Iron Maiden
  52. Blackened-Metallica
 More updates once it starts
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thing a week: An attempt to not suck at guitar

Current mood: anxious

  So i came up with this idea yesterday as i was driving to a nearby music store to buy some new strings...I can only play a handful of songs all the way through...


Songs i can play

  1. Hold On To My Heart-W.A.S.P.
  2. November Rain-Guns N' Roses
  3. Believe-Savatage
  4. Comfortably Numb-Pink FLoyd
  5. Wish You Were Here-Pink Floyd
  6. Crazy Train-Ozzy Osbourne


Looking at that list...i'm actually disappointed...I mean, i haven't even learned the standards like Iron Man, Smoke On The Water, Paranoid, or simple three chord stuff like the Ramones. I mean, i've learned riffs, but never bothered to finish...Well, NO MORE!


 Starting next week, for the next 52 weeks (a year, for those that didn't know that) I am gonna learn a complete song every in the end, i will know roughly 58 songs...Ranging from incredibly easy (I Wanna Be Sedated) to the very hard (My friends want me to attempt to learn Blackened, so thats gonna be the last one). A range of a ton of artists, from AC/DC to Warrant (probablt not gonna go to ZZ Top...maybe later) and lots of genres.


 So, next monday, i'm gonna start work on the first song...All The Small Things by blink-182.


 The hope is that this experience will help me become a better guitarist and improve my range and musicianship...


 Will update soon...Laterz \m/

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