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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Should Man Up or St

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Hey, Commissioner Goodell how about you stop punishing FOOTBALL PLAYERS because they hit too hard and start punishing assholes like Albert Haynesworth who (deep breath)
Have been sued by their own bank (The bank wants some 2.4 million dollars + that he owes them), a Tennessee woman (whom he impregnated, pledged support for the baby, then skipped town), a Tennessee man (Haynesworth was allegedly driving his black ferrari like a maniac and forced the man into the median, the 25 year old man now needs Hip Replacement Surgery, the man cannot work, needs a walker or cane, his medical bills are expected to reach upwards of 1 million dollars), and his ex wife (Because Haynesworth has failed to pay both her health care, and their children's bills, as previously agreed) Speeding (64mph in an a 45 zone), Road rage and assault (for assaulting a man who took offense to being tailgated and flipped him off) And finally, being a lazy sack and not showing up for practice and workouts. He remains UNFINED. The only punishment he has received is a 4 game suspension for quote "being detrimental" to the team, he received this from the his team, The Washington Redskins, no punishment from the league, Commissioner.

But you'll fine James Harrison $125,000 because he hits too hard?! This is Professional Football. The Professional part means you punish or boot guys like Haynesworth, The Football part means you let James Harrison, and men like him, play and don't punish them for doing their jobs.

This is a list of Players, (16 of them) who were fined for hits in one week alone, The week of Christmas, Week 16 of a 17 week season when many teams are fighting for a playoff spot.

Team Position Player Fine
Atlanta DE  Kroy Biermann $15,000
Cincinnati LB Dhani Jones $15,000
Baltimore FS Ed Reed $10,000
Chicago MLB Brian Urlacher     $10,000
Chicago S Major Wright $10,000
Indianapolis DE Robert Mathis $10,000
Indianapolis S Antoine Bethea $10,000
New England CB Devin McCourty $10,000
Minnesota DT Kevin Williams $7,500
Minnesota CB Antoine Winfield $7,500
New York CB Johnathan Goff $7,500
Philadelphia CB Dimitri Patterson $7,500
Kansas City CB Demorrio Williams $7,500
New England DT Vince Wilfork $5,000
Dallas CB Santana Moss $5,000
Denver RB Knowshon Moreno $5,000

How many players were fined for off- field behavior that week? 10? 5? 1? Nope, ZERO. How many players were fined for ANYTHING ELSE? Anything besides football players hitting? 20? 15? 10? Again, the answer is NONE. Many of these incidents weren't even addressed by the referees, meaning the officiators of the NFL rules saw no problem with it.

Commissioner Goodell, you're too busy suing your own Players Association to punish those who deserve it and quit punishing Football players who "hit too hard" Football is a violent game, violent in its very nature. Violent hits are part of the league's history and the ones everybody wants to see. The hardest hits are the most exciting, and the most representative of the football culture. You've forgotten, or are ignoring that in your Public Relations spree. The NFL needs a fair leader who understands the game, not a lawyer and business man. Roger Goodell, you have too much power in handing out fines and not enough brains to punish players who are breaking the law and hurting the league, and show restraint to players who arn't even breaking NFL Rules!

I urge you to either wake up to these past failed decisions or step down and find someone else who can make this league a Football League, not a politically correct, Ok with everyone, dont hit too hard or else league.
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Satch1032 wrote on Feb 15th, 2011 7:26pm

Yeah I basically agree.


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