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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

my practice runs now hurt..

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my arm just goes numb like shit... now my left hand can't even pick up a glass of water w/o shaking... and i still want a shot at my guitar... i think i should rest for a few days.. and take care of the "meat" merchandise (that'll be me).

and each time i put my guitar down i still can't get the AM I EVIL song out of my head for almost 3 months now. sometimes it just change song but still before the day/weekend AM I EVIL still rises to the top and nag inside my head.

these are the others that i've been hearing them in my head for months... AM I EVIL, A TOUTE LE MONDE, SWEATING BULLETS, 2 MINS TO MIDNIGHT, CREEPING DEATH.. a few others maybe just one or two more but that's it.
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