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Thursday, December 18, 2008

the "definitive" Om

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On the trail of tracking down the original and authentic 'om' sound, I hit a snag this week. The infamous Beatles song, 'Across the Universe' features the Om as part of the chorus: hitting note A7. Suffice to say I was happy to discover this and hoped I could confirm it was the definitive note. To support this finding I needed more examples and was lead to YouTube where I'm afraid to say I found many variations of the Om; hitting notes F, C, G - and in one instance C#. 

Spiritual Yogi Dr. Acharya Yogeesh says of the Om, "The Om has the ability to connect you with [the] God.. You need to learn it.. this sound I always recommend.. all the time follow this sound just repeating in side of you, not saying it loudly it still benefits you - but if you repeat it in [a] certain way it will benefit you spiritually, mentally and physically" (see the video here)

If we are to follow the Yogis advice by 'repeating the sound inside' then we need to know what the Om sounds like and be able to reproduce 
musically the right note inside our head. To do this, there needs to be agreement on what the Om sounds like. 

Surely a sound as meaningful and as sacred as the Om should sound the same wherever it is portrayed? Perhaps the uploading process inherent to YouTube distorts or changes the pitch of the video? I asked YouTube who told me, "the uploading process does not affect the pitch of users videos. Before a video is uploaded, the video length as well as audio stays the same. The only difference users sometimes experience is reduced quality in picture." Interesting, as this now puts a line under that question. 

Perhaps I am overplaying the amount of importance over what note the Om should hit. Maybe just being open to a connection with God or being aware of an ability to open our chakras makes the Om so powerful. It is a shame the Yogi did not give an example of his version of the Om as it would have been interesting to see which note he hit. For now, I will go along with the Beatles version (unless proved otherwise) as I am sure musicians as experienced and revered as The Beatles, will know.

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StrangeAngel wrote on Feb 17th, 2009 8:29am

...ever heard The Moody Blues? ;D


Unifieda wrote on Feb 18th, 2009 11:04am

yh but can't think of any of their songs right now.. oh no, wait "nights in white satin" lol


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