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Monday, February 11, 2008

Where's the EP?

Current mood: contemplative

Imagine this: you are in a band who can only keep two members for any length of time. Your rhythm section go through a nasty breakup and both decide to leave the band. Then the little work you were able to get done with them is deleted when your little brother thinks it a fine idea to play with magnets next to the cassette tapes.
Next, your only electric guitar goes bonkers. Jack socket breaks, nut breaks, tone knob stops working, the whole nine yards. This means that until you are able to get to the music shop 30 miles away, you can only record electric guitar on the weekends when the other guitarist comes over for rehearsal.
Then you install your boyfriend as the band's bass player. Bad idea, since the two of you have a tumultuous relationship that makes rehearsal become screaming matches/make-out sessions. Not surprisingly, that relationship does not last long. Nor does his tenure in the band.
Then you have the other guitarist's psycho ex-boyfriend threatening violence to her. He begins following her around and one session gets real heavy when he's lurking around the corner with a matchbook.
Then midterms come and no one has time for anything musical. After midterms, you are finally able to get that guitar fixed. However, your amp decides to stop. Completely. Since you are still in warranty, you pack it up and ship it off to the manufacturer in Binghampton, New York to be replaced. Two weeks without an amp.
Then, during a late night recording session with a sequencer, dazed from lack of sleep, you actually press the record button over an entire track of beats. About four songs, wiped out.
That's what I'm going through right now.
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Monday, December 31, 2007

My blog debut

Current mood: blah

I don't know why I haven't used this feature before. Anyway, here's the latest news on my unnamed band. We've been rehearsing and recording off and on for about three months. We did about ten tracks on various computers and 4-tracks. The three songs we did in Garage Band were deleted in a computer accident, and as for the four-track songs, there was an unfortunate accident with magnets a few days ago. I really want to have something up by the end of this month, so barring any other disasters, that's what I'm shooting for. Here's a preview of what to look for:
-Feed Me With Your Kiss (MBV cover)
-You Said Something (PJ Harvey cover)
-China (long, delicate ballad with keyboard and shimmering guitars)
-Art Bitch (short, furious punk song)
-Boyz (a dance song that samples Nirvana)
-Careering (slightly dancey, post-punk number)
-Bang (another short, furious punk song)
-Bloom (shoegaze)
-Turn Into (acoustic song)
-a dub version of "Boyz"
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