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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

My opinion on the effect of going main stream

I have found that the reason why I start disliking bands that go mainstream is because their music becomes more produced and less characteristic of the genre they played in. For example, I think Fall Out Boy's first album, and even their second, was GREAT. I could care less if anyone says my taste in music sucks or w.e but I enjoy punk and pop punk and their sound epitomized pop punk before their mainstream success when they started collaborating with pop artists and becoming less punk and more pop. The guitars faded away, the drums became simplistic and the focus seemed to shift to the vocals and being catchy. I don't hate on Fall Out Boy because they became popular, I hate on them because they abandoned what made me like them in the first place. It's the same thing with Green Day's latest album. I loved Green Day for their fast simple guitar oriented pop punk music. Billy Joe's lyrics were once simple yet effective. Now the music tries to be too complex and the lyrics try to say too much. They left behind what it was that made them Green Day. I live in the past with these bands and many others. Hating a band simply because they become popular is stupid. If you love the band you should want them to succeed. I enjoy seeing my favorite artists succeed but I want to see them do it as is! 
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