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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

XM Radio

Current mood: angry

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We all are familiar with satellite radios, I decided to go with XM for channel 42 XMLM, very good mix for grind, progressive, death and other metal styles, older stuff new stuff all game. Great hosts like Katie Brutal to name one of them. Well in November Sirius merged with XM and channel 42 changed its format. Got rid of their DJ's and installed the morons they got from sirius. Shit it sucks now, all they play is Korn, Megadeth, and pushing that crap that Metallica calls a great album Shit Magnetic. I hate to sound anti american but in this country we listen to crap. Korn is metal? Metallica is a relevant band? Megadeth is extreme? My European frinds, I envy you for the more complex and intricate taste in music, it is no wonder the best metal bands come from european underground. A well if you have XM and are not happy with the new format call the and cancel that shit, I did.
Thanx and support heavy metal music, not that commercial crap like Korn and Metallica. ( Old Metallica, pre master of muppets is good metal)
I am pissed off, I payed for 2+ years just for that on channel and they fucked it up.
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