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Friday, October 24, 2008

Why I am running for president!!

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1: Economy, this is a tough one to fix but it can be done, this is how. Fuck free trade, I will no longer give free jobs to other countries, if they want trade they will get it, they will have to purchase the a large % of U.S. made goods. If not too bad no trade. Americans need good jobs and manufacturing provides low, middle and high income, walmart only provides low. You do the math, a college education does not good greeting at the door in a walmart store.

2: Energy: Here is the fuel to McCain's campaign. Oil, shitin the 70's we had and opportunity to begin the shift to other sources of transportation fuel. But again the morons we put in office took your vote to take advantage of you. Ok for now we will drill what we need and accelerate the search for a better source of fuel. I will make it law the in 2030 no more gasoline cars will come off the assembly lines, I belive by supporting the U.S. automakers they can acomplish this, heck look at the quality of our cars, it is just ass good as a Japanese.

3: The shit hole in the middle east: Sucks Iraq was a mistake, but now this has to be finished. A fast withdrawl would leave a festering ground for terrorists, now I do not give a rats ass if they fuck their country, but do not fuck with mine or else, by the way I would cut military spending by getting rid of all lucrative sub contractors doing military work. Fuck you Kellog/Brown/Root.

Then take that money and give it to our troops as salary increases, better health benefits and yes Colt would no longer supply our troops with a shitty weapon, I will mandate that in 4 years time our soldiers have the best hardware in the world. By cutting the military pork and idiot brass politically motivated contracts we can have the best and most respected military ever.

4: Taxes: Well fuck Joe the plummer, he is a plummer not an economist. Yep if they use Joe so can I. My tax structure to corporations will depend on how many U.S. employees they have, more employees will equal bigger tax break. Middle size companies the same ratio, but small bussines will get just a tad more relief so they may grow. Sorry if you do not work, you will not get free money, with a good job market you will be expected to work and pay taxes like everyone else. By the way the fucking fag idea of having and office on some fag island to get a tax break will be over, tax according to number of legal employees in the country.

5: Imigration: Ugly but needed, close the borders, better enforcement. The NAFTA superhighway will be shut down like a clay at the range, no one should have the opportunity to sneak in and do something stupid. If people want to come, there will be plenty of legal ways to do so. Implement a course for migrants, including english as a second lenguage, no more press 2 for english morons, speak english or leave. ( S.O.D say speak english or die, cool song.

6: Government corruption: This is probably the hardes one to takle, just an example of corruption is pasing laws that make things legal for the purpose of helping a friend ( see my previous post ). Banishing all lobbiests from all government levels, even if Hilary said that they are real people and represent the people's interests. No they represent corruption and corporated greed, they slow progress and technology. Also appointment of government officials will be done by a qualified panel of some kind of asshole that may know how to wipe their ass and not you goddamn cousin Early whos happens to be a county official.

7: The war on drugs: Fucking A, this is fucking A, for one if another country is a know producer I will stop all trade with them until they clean their act. No better preassure than you own people's cry for jobs ah fucker. Maybe legalize marijuana, it is not as nasty as crack, extasy and meth or cocaine and lysol and on and on and on. I believe that with treament we can improve the drug use in america, by the way if pot is made legal it would be locally grown and taxed, taxes will be added at county level and must be 21 or older. You want pot pay the fiddler and enjoy responsibly, or else.
If you become an abuser you will loose you right to purchase weed, you do not want that do you?

I will be addressing health care and other issues at this Friday's press conference. Also some pics of my running mate and I so people can put a face to the best president of the United States of America ever. more ifo at

America is for americans, not China.

By the way thanx Bill C for selling us out to Communist countries. By the way I saw you at the airport leaving the rest room with Barney Frank, and Mark Foley was not far behind you. Shit get a room you dirty pervs and quit fucking the country.
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metalheadrenzo wrote on Oct 26th, 2008 6:47am

Hands down to the new president


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