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mastaofrocknrol (2)
Monday, April 27, 2009

[Poetry] Utopia Calling

Current mood: Moody

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The free market sold me
Improper visions;

Of poets, romantics,
Their various pipe-dreams

- Siphoned-off and destined
To legitimise
The myth that liberty
Can surpass Egality,

Enforced by crass belief
Echoed in deference
To Liberal ideals -
Legitimised through guilt.

Once accepted to be
An individual -
We've adopted the means
Of a passive tyranny -

 left clinging

To clutch at the belief,
That we're all bourgeois now;
Yet this democracy achieved
Can't silence, can't still
Our Utopia calling.

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mastaofrocknrol wrote on Jun 15th, 2009 10:39am

Good job man :D
I`l post one if me these days
but it will be in Dutch (I`m from Holland so I speak Dutch, and I also write Poems in Dutch) yet I`l also work on an English version.
It will be a Dada Poem, you`re familiar with the poems from Trisian Tzara and Kurt Schwitters? <---those were Dada poets

anyway: Good job :D


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