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Saturday, January 30, 2010

People don't seem to get....

Current mood: chipper

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...that I have the curse of wanting to get the last word in. Always. No matter what. It. Never. Fails. So next time you talk to me and you are like "Oh, I'm gonna go to *wherever*, I'll be back later. Bye!", just let me say "bye" and leave. Don't reply with another "bye". You will start a war you can't win. No, a war you WON'T win.

Also, you people are lazy >_> Out of ALL the views I have on my blogs collectively, I have a total of, get ready for it, THREE kudos. Surely my blogs entertain you more than that. I write blogs out of pure caffeinated excitement or getting my opinion voiced. At least make it 4 kudos? I'll do sexual favors for reward whoever gets the 5th kudo, just sorta comment and be like "I kudo'd!"

Note:^Words marked out are not a part of offer.^

Note2: Please don't really comment being like "I kudo'd!". It would cause unnecessary laughter.

Note3: Reward may or may not include: A high-five, over the counter drugs, a penny, your very own Myspace, STD's, and That's what she said jokes.
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