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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

On stubborn-ness and stupidity.

Current mood: aggravated

I hate our county. Our school. It's not bad enough that the director is a former gym teacher. Or that our school is filled with hicks too concerned about getting laid and finding some dip.

There's like 5'' of snow out there. They haven't put up so much as a delay. We're expecting even more snow at about 3am, as if it weren't frozen enough.

There are delays and closings from almost all the other counties in eastern TN, but not here. The most retarded thing ever.

Ok, I'm done now :D
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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ok, so there you have it!

Current mood: good

All the blogs that I've posted up before this one were posted from Summer '09-Just recently! Anything that comes after this blog will be original topics/rants/observations/etc!

Btw, the order of the blog posts are like this:

The newest posted blogs were the oldest ones IE: summer. The oldest posted blogs on here are from just recently. Only one was different, the one on 10/27 since that was my birthday.

I hope you enjoy my blogs!
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Saturday, January 30, 2010

This past week...

Current mood:ecstatic

Was so AMAZING/ANNOYING. Hmmm....... where to begin. OH! For one, I was told we were going to Red Fork Falls (yet again), but instead we went to Frog's Level (which is around Elizabethton) and I had never been there before.

It was TEN TIMES BETTER THAN THE RED FORK FALLS THAT I TOOK PICTURES OF. I left my camera simply because I was told it would be Red Fork Falls T_T So I couldn't take pictures, and Caitlin forgot hers too, we were just like "aww". Apparently we have a song now, and she always wants me to play it o_O Meanwhile everyone else looks like they want to stone me for playing that same one over and over. And she spoke like baby talk the whole week.

Actually, it was more like a baby who had cancer cuz it was a low raspy sorta voice mixed with baby talk. So yeah.

Met a bass player, as well. He was pretty cool, he said he was going to bring his bass (I have my guitar and amp there now) so maybe we can pull off a White Stripe's song (that was some music humor rite thar)

And at Frog's Level, after the mile hike, we got to climb up the waterfall and jump off the edge of it (30 feet or so). It was the biggest rush of adrenaline I've had in so long. Made me feel like, like... I can't describe it. Go climb a waterfall, look down, jump, come back up for life-giving air, then tell me :D. I jumped off twice :)

Oh and apparently Old Gregg is still the coolest shizz evar. I still have to give Tori her pictures of Bailey's >_>

I had a job of tasting some milk to see if it needed changing, and the very first one happened to be soured. The rest were fine, of course. >_<

I sang a love/pop song to Jamiee (who was my leader's girlfriend LOL) and now she wants me to learn some Paramore before I go back Sunday.

It seems like I always have fun down there. The atmosphere is great, the weather, the people, everything just feels as it should be there. And Caleb (my leader) knows like every Taylor Swift and John Mayer song there is.

I have like a billion new inside jokes now, so that's always good for some fresh humor.

I'm so tired, but I really wouldn't have it any other way right now, because that would mean I must not have been trying to have as much fun as I could have.

I realize that there was NO organization in this blog at all, but I'm just repeating what comes to mind, and I might edit it to add more later. But I did all that and I still have one more week left before I'm done, so I hope we do as much as this past week.

Oh and, not that you know, this is just for my own personal note: Preston, Brett, and Isaac are the funniest people I will ever meet. Evar.
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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Forget 4:20 it's all about 5:20(AM)

Current mood:thoughtful

Ok, so pretty much, its a little over 5AM, and I am writing this out of pure boredom. Just a little bit of updating before I go lay down and pass out. My youtube channel probably has mothballs in it, because it's been so long since I've updated it. Also, there seem to have been a surge of critical people, and gave me some pretty low ratings on some of my videos. I'll agree with them on some of the vids, but some were completely undeserved >_> Oh, and some of my friends I was with decided it would be "cool" to put stickers on my guitar (the SG styled one). What they didn't do was tell me. What they didn't know was that STICKERS RUIN THE FINISH ON GUITARS. IT'S LIKE A HUGE "NO" WAITING TO HAPPEN. Bleck. In good news, the Jackson came in (as I've already mentioned NUMEROUS times), and I found what I believe to be my next amp (it's a modeling amp).

I've been DIEING for some new stuff to listen to. When I say new, I don't mean go from metal to electro (although I have on occasion), but some new sounds from the same genre, yeah? Yeah. Alot of people who know me in person know that I've been away for the most part. Got a nice job at an ok camp. It's easy to understand stuff there: get done with all the (hard, and extremly TEDIOUS) work, then have the rest of the time to do whatever (although some of that time is spent volunteering). Played a friends Cube 15 there, which got me interested in modeling amps to begin with.

It's freezing in my room right now... of course it's probably because I have the fan on. Helps me sleep though, the breeze hitting me in the face. I'll try to write more blogs, update my youtube channel, update the OTHER various social networking sites (pretty much this, youtube, facebook, and twitter) as much as possible, but I leave to work again in a little less than 2 weeks. In case you haven't noticed, I almost have a rambling sort've thing going on in these blogs. That's because it's not meant to be a novel. It's just a collection of thoughts as they come to me, so of course it will be random.

I think, that with my license and guitar in tow, and a new amp on the way, I'll be ready to go looking for places to play. Or maybe I could wind up like people without money and play in a random street.

Oh, just a reminder: Mountain City still sucks. As boring as always. It's the only place I know of that only has three lights on it's Main Street. It'll be nice when I graduate, to move into a more urban area (maybe Johnson City?); or maybe I'm getting too far ahead of myself.

There are certain people that I really, really dislike at the moment. People who I thought were my friends, but somewhere along the road had a change of heart. As of now, those people might as well be dead, because I'm definitely not going to give them a second thought, or anything else, for that matter. There are also people who I like a whole lot more than others, who I like being around in general. Then there are the rest of people (mostly all) who I consider neutral with me.

People around here need to loosen up. I think this so-called city's way of entertaining itself is thriving off of stupid rumors and gossip that spread everywhere like it were an STD or Swine Flu. When they hear something, they blow it up to be so much more than it is, or even add their own details to it, not that I care. I'm here to live life. I'm going to stop talking about it now, so I don't ramble on it anymore.

I think that's pretty much all I've got. Why the colors? Because I saw that I could have them, as well as some serve for why they were put where they were. No it doesn't work like a mood ring, so don't think red=angry or something stupid like that; it's a bit more complex.

PS: If I think of anything else, I'll put it in a new blog, or update this one. Oh, do me a favor: if you actually read most or all of that, and liked what you read, leave a kudo and a comment, yeah? I mean, you read all that and you can't type what you thought about it or push a (Kudo) button? Do me a favor and I'll do you one, too.

PPS: With all this being said, I'm going to go pass out on my (very inviting and comfortable) bed. Hope you enjoyed my (parenthesis). Ok, seriously, I'm done now. Thanks!

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Such an odd day. (Part Deux)

Current mood: amused

My wow is, wow, my day got increasingly better, and also that the PSPs letter limit is really dumb. Had to make a two part blog because of it. I love doing highs/lows/wows! :)
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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Such an odd day.

Current mood: amused

OK, so first, i didnt have time to dry my hair this morning, and i started sneezing and crap at school. Then someone said something that really pissed me off. Great, huh? But my day actually went very well from 4th per. on. Went home. Talked. Recorded 2 videos. Uploaded 1. Ate Doritos. Watched preseason (boo!). Tried to sleep. Failed. Checked various soc. networking sites, and got a great message from someone important to me. It was my high of today. Low was this morning. My wow is, wow, (see part 2)
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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Know what really Grinds My Gears?

Current mood: anxious

All the stuff I use for recording. Not like the guitars and amp, but the microphones and speakers.

For one thing, I have to tape my speakers cable to itself, because apparently thats the only way I get one of them to work. I hardly ever have it past half-way on the volume, so I'm not sure why the one blew out.

But what makes me more pissed than that is recording something FLAWLESSLY and having the mic do what it does.

If you go to my "Favorite COB Riffs" video on youtube, you can hear it while I'm playing something. It actually shifts my pitch down.

As in it sounds lower than it actually is, and then will put it back to normal, then might do it again.

It might seem like a minor thing to you, but for me, recording something and doing as close to perfect as possible on it, only to have your microphone mess with it's pitch is bothersome.

The only time I should hear my pitch shifted is when I'm the one in control (with the whammy pedal). That's it.
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Saturday, January 30, 2010

People don't seem to get....

Current mood: chipper

...that I have the curse of wanting to get the last word in. Always. No matter what. It. Never. Fails. So next time you talk to me and you are like "Oh, I'm gonna go to *wherever*, I'll be back later. Bye!", just let me say "bye" and leave. Don't reply with another "bye". You will start a war you can't win. No, a war you WON'T win.

Also, you people are lazy >_> Out of ALL the views I have on my blogs collectively, I have a total of, get ready for it, THREE kudos. Surely my blogs entertain you more than that. I write blogs out of pure caffeinated excitement or getting my opinion voiced. At least make it 4 kudos? I'll do sexual favors for reward whoever gets the 5th kudo, just sorta comment and be like "I kudo'd!"

Note:^Words marked out are not a part of offer.^

Note2: Please don't really comment being like "I kudo'd!". It would cause unnecessary laughter.

Note3: Reward may or may not include: A high-five, over the counter drugs, a penny, your very own Myspace, STD's, and That's what she said jokes.
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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Myspace needs.....

Current mood: cheerful

A ninja language. Because Facebook's Pirate language just plain makes me laugh, which makes me visit it a little more often >_>. Just sayin' Myspace, you could use a Ninja language to compete with the Pirate language. Just sayin'.
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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Truly Pathetic.

Current mood: annoyed 21?source=rss

Be sure to read all of it.

How can so many people stand by and do nothing for her? I mean, God forbid someone help the girl who's getting raped.

That just wouldn't look cool in front of your friends right? It'd just be dumb to help her... And for there to be that many also involved in the rape itself? Sickening.

How can not even one, ONE person step up and attempt to stop that? Yeah, she got drunk, that is her fault. What isn't her fault is for other people to take advantage of that, and in such a way. Meanwhile, everyone else is having fun punching her, taking pictures, ...having "fun". Disgusting. As long as it's not them, it doesn't matter, right? As long as it's not them, it's just harmless fun, you know? Not. Exactly.

Being such a believer of karma, I think all those involved in that other than the victim are going to be bumf*cked by karma. It's totally tattling and being a spoil sport and being a rat, a fink, to inform someone who would actually HELP what was going on, yeah?

Ok, I feel better now. Still pissed, but slightly less pissed. Ugh.
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