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Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Adicts@TheMarquee-1/ 30th/2012

The Adicts

Talk about a great way to start off the year! The Adicts playing with the Dead Irrelevant, The All City Boot Boys And The World Inferno Friendship Society. I was really looking forward to the Adicts and as well as the inferno friendship society being the cabaret band id see live,i was pretty excited. It killed my mood to see so little people being there. Id estimate there being only 100 to 150 in the place untill adicts played which was then probably 250 to 350, not enough to really get a good crowd surf. First up local arizona bands, The Dead Irrelevant, who reminded me so much of Social Distortion, but some what different. No Pit had started. Next Up the All City Boot Boys. I'd looked up this band before hand since the name really interested me. Local Oi band from tempe or mesa arizona, really good. Still no pit that i could see. Next up The world Inferno Friendship society. I was really surprised by the lead mans attitude, fuckn awesome! they got the crowd going with a big ol circle pit, but not to many people inside but hey it was something. Some chick behind us wearing a dress keeps pushing my friend into the fence. Security tells her to stop and she starts sobbing out while talking on the phone and saying something like "Fuck the Adicts." Then gone. Finally the moment of truth, ode to joy filled the place. People moved! I myself moved to the center to push more people around. There i met some guy who wouldnt stop pushing so naturally i pushed him back until the perve grabbed at my boob. I pushed the guy down and moved up in the crowd. I hadnt noticed the guy until the adicts began to call up girls for their famous Naughty girl song where i felt him poking at me to go on stage. I ignored the guy and tried to enjoy the show but was blined by the sight of slopy, ozzing out of your bra boobs of some over weight chick on stage dancing. I was glad the song was over but it was kinda funny, not to be mean but its the truth. I'd also end up meeting a guy named after the dude from clock work orange who'd the adicts created a song. I also found out he was also in an oi band. Over all it was a fun night, not as fun as the misfits though. but i did get my first tattoo after the adicts of monkeys face in a spade on my leg.


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Friday, October 14, 2011

Misfits@SCOTTSDALEVE NUE/0ct7th2011

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The show stared off with These Charming Men, Bro Loaf, Rotten Youth, and Juice Head. These Charming Men would have had to been my favorite (besides the misfits) The first band to play few people began to form circle pits but there wasn't enough people to fully get that pit effect. The show began getting more exciting when Bro Loaf came on with their graduation gowns and yelling to us "Its time for you to get a FUCKING JOB!!!!!" then throwing out fake drugs into the crowd. I saw the guy next to me pick up a bag sniff it then throw it back to ground. I bet it was just cotton balls in there. I start banging my head to the sound. Some guy from the circle pit crashes into me puts his arm up and yells along to the music. He looks at me and screams into my ear that we all need time in hell then returns back to the pit. I try to wipe the beer out of my ear. Rotten Youth comes on and the circle pit gets bigger i decide to go in myself. A few minutes in I'm pushing and punches then i fall on my ass. I look behind me and this big dude picks me up and throws me into the crowd i fall on my knees and the person in front of me falls on me and my neck feels like its gona snap until they take him off of me. I feel like doing that again. Soon its juice head and so on. Misfits Finally arrive on the stage and every one goes mad. They start off with the Devils rain form their new album. Its alright but what we where all waiting for were the classics. They played Die Die My darling, Descending angle, scream, Bullet, Halloween, Dig up her Bones, American Psycho, hybrid moment, skulls, where eagles dare and others songs that i cant remember. The crowd was never still, people pushing from side to side, yelling and putting their fist in the air. It was epic. Soon it came to an end and Jerry from the misfits stood on the edge of the railing. He held a sharpy and began giving his autograph. I took of my jacket as fast as i could, made my way through the crowd and held it up to him where he grabbed it, showed it to the people and signed the misfits patch that id made on the back of my jacket. Epic.
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