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Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Current mood: blank

Well i have figured something out :)


Well, people like songs mainly for the lyrics, maybe beacuse they can relate to them, or the artist has put down what you may be feeling in words you could have never put together? I usually find myself searching for songs//music to reflect how i feel for times when i might want/need to listen to them. Well, i have taken a new love to instrumental. Instead of waiting to hear words to enlight and describe how you feel, you can listen and let you mind set free, and there is so many different intakes to an instrumental song, as one meldoy might mean something completely different to the next one of us. So i think instrumental should become more popular :)


2:28 pm - 16 comments - 17 Kudos
Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Current mood: aggravated

hey everyone :)
Well im new to UG and so I saw everyone had a blo about something so i thought i better join in :rolleyes:... not sure what to write about tho :p
Well im in a bad mood about love, so i might bitch about that :(
Well has anyone else noticed that love can bloom and die without a matter of minutes>seconds even. Honestly it's ridiculous. And one half of you never wants to let them go and the other would tear you apart if you left? I think the scientists have it right, its all a brain illusion. Instead of drawing little heartss :heart: when we admire someone, we should be drawimg brains.
Well I've finished bitching now :sad:
Have a good one everyone :)
6:42 am - 11 comments - 7 Kudos