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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Current mood: cynical

I wonder why people are hypocritical?
i understand being hypercritical but not hypocritical. People don't like being around fakers. i mean, if you're not going to be yourself then why bother being at all? people will always be human, but humans are rather dense for the most sentient beings on the planet. Lying, cheating, stealing, i understand. but not trying to be multiple people. Sure, if you have bipolar disorder or something go ahead, but if you don't?
 decide who you actually are
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Monday, February 25, 2008


Current mood: cynical

Today i like Imogen Heap and editing pictures.
tomorrow, i think i will play piano for hours and hours, and then go to rehearsals for FAME.
Yesterday i tried to do a photography assignment for my art course, and all it did was make me feel inadequate compared with Magritte's Les Chateau des Pyrenees.
BUt today, i am happy.
oily marks appear on walls, where pleasure moments hung before.
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