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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

28DAC week 1 recap: How not to get things done.

Current mood: lethargic

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So, a week is gone in the album challenge.  And I have gotten done almost nothing.  Minecraft has sucked my time away, especially with devoting a lot of time to building a city.  Add to that school and little inspiration, and you have a very unsuccessful week.

I got done:
Working on a track, feel kinda eh about it.  It's something, but nothing really exciting.  It'll do though.  I have to figure out what to do with it from here, though.

I also had, the idea to sample this speech in a song somehow, and I have a few ideas to go with it but I'll have to see how they progress first.

Looking at week two, I hope to be more productive.  I'm gonna do a bit of brainstorming/writing/jamming, and I hope to get something out of it.  I want do develop the song I've written partially so far, as well as come up with at least the start to a few more.
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