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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Favorite Unknown Artists

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Hello again guys and gals of UG. In the past week i've spent a good portion of my time discovering bands from around the world what are relatively unknown. many of these bands arent worth mentioning in this post, know why? because there is nothing "special" about them. they brought nothing other than a generic sound and songs to the plate.

BUT there is some hope out there for music.

About a year ago me and my friends discovered a phenomenal European artist by the name of Jon Gomm, he employes classical and flamenco styles into his playing and it led to the creation of arguably his greatest song, Passionflower, this song will move you. ture=relmfu

Now this next band go by the name Fair to Midland. they have been around for quite some time, and it saddens me to know they never really got the recognition i believe they deserve, not to say they should have been the next big US band. but i do believe theyre good enough to be able to sell out venues that hold could hold 5,000 people. i saw them a few months back in CT at The Webster Underground in Hartford. there was only about 150-200 people there maximum. how many rock artists do you know that employ throat singing, (yes throat singing, he is not doing screaming vocals) along with soft vocals all done by the same singer?

and lastly, theres this band After the Burial. their popularity has been rising over the years and i think most guitarists will agree they have some pretty solid talent between the rhythm and lead guitarists.

but enough of that, what are your favorite lesser known bands? what do you guys think of the 3 i mentioned?

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