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Saturday, December 11, 2010


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Like I said, continuation post 'cause the power is iffy...
...I'm very excited about my medications as the seem to be working wonderfully. I'm focused. SOOOO focused compared to what it used to be, and life is so much better. Stress rolls off my shoulders and everything is OK!
An apology (Sort of)
Not long ago I posted a really whiney thread in GT bitching about how I had no faith in practice and so on...Why I did that:
My guitar playing seems to remain at a constant all the time. That particular day was just a bad day in general and my depression and ADHD started to relapse. In my frantic, impulsive stupidity, I posted a bunch of shit pretty much complaining about how I don't have any confidence. Here's what I really meant:
It's true, my guitar playing does seem to remain at a constant, but I doubt it's completely flatlined. However, I never seem to make noticeable improvement, even over the course of a month or two and I *thought* I was practicing with enough focus where I should be seeing at least moderate results. I was not. Anyways, what I really wanted was some songs around 6nps that I could use to practice. My real problem was this:
I would practice constantly on the same thing and once in a while, I'd just let it rip for fun and it fell together perfectly *sometimes*. When that happened I kind of figured "Ohh, I've done it before, I can do it whenever I please." I needed something new so that I could work on that without thinking that I could do it at Xnps.
I hope you enjoyed reading. I kind of said f*ck it to details toward the end 'cause I figured catching everyone up from something that happened 2 1/2 months ago would be too much, but I hope I got the gist of it across. :)
Sorry for my bitchy, whiney complaining, GT...

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