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jasonggabbott (2)
Tuesday, December 29, 2009

100 Things to do in 2010

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First off, credit of the idea of this list goes to sglover34479.

I'll edit this list for a while and add/remove things later on.

1. Relax my picking hand more.
2. Become more economical with motions.
3. Learn how to sweep.
4. Learn 'Silent Night, Bodom Night' by Children of Bodom.
5. Get a new transformer for my amp.
6. Make new friends.
7. Keep my girlfriend.
8. Find my 'place' in the world.
9. Get better grades in school.
10. Win a track meet.
11. Buy an XBOX 360.
12. Find a dedicated band.
13. Learn a foreign language. Not Spanish.
14. See Children of Bodom live.
15. Meet Alexi Laiho.
16. Buy a Schecter C-1 Artist.
17. Get a decent job.
18. Mod my Kramer.
19. Sell some of my gear.
20. Brew some homemade booze. Then drink it.
21. Street race.
22. Try an ENGL amplifier.
23. Expand my musical taste by finding 10 new bands.
24. Write an album.
25. Record album.
26. Make a cover album.
27. Learn to fingerpick.
28. Help a friend.
30. Say "Fuck you" to someone I hate...
31. Learn to sing.
32. Get a new puppy. Train puppy myself.
33. Learn 'Kingdom for a Heart' by Sonata Arctica.
34. Donate to Komen for the Cure.
35. Donate to at least one other cancer foundation of a different form of cancer.
36. Make a short film.
37. Meet a radio DJ.
38. Be on the radio. (Again)
39. Gig.
40. Learn to knit.
41. 1-up sglover34479 in at least 10 things.
42. Talk to Freepower.
43. Build a guitar.
44. Mod my DS-1
45. Get a DECENT cellphone. Not a Tracphone...=/
46. Teach someone how to play the guitar.
47. Fix my computer.
48. Buy Nintendo DS and some Pokemon games. Beat one game in one day.
49. Go entirely by military time for one week.
51. Do nothing at all except what is absolutely needed for one week.
52. Finish reading 'Willow' and start a new book.
53. Call someone from UG.
54. Feel closer to my family.
55. Finish this list.
99. Learn to count past 55.
100. *Insert goal here*

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sglover34479 wrote on Dec 29th, 2009 9:37pm

Looking good :cheers:


sglover34479 wrote on Jan 4th, 2010 2:16pm

When I get a phone you can call be, phone sex ensues. :haha:

quote wrote on Jan 4th, 2010 10:28pm

I can't think of any more to post! :(


jasonggabbott wrote on Aug 28th, 2010 7:22am

SOUNDS LIKE a PLAN! How many have you marked off?


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