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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Spears in Heaven

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    Spears in Heaven
(Of Chapeldust and Stained Glass)

(Verse 1, 1x or 2x speed)
In the darkest shade of black
blind eyes bleed and whips crack
and the clang of rusty steel begins to chime.
Now there's no turning back,
from one white feather he will track.
Before long the gates of heaven burn to dust

Stomachs hunger for attack
strike from front and strike from back,
down the dam that blocks the scarlet falls.
Fill your bags, fill your sacks,
smash with hammer, slash with axe.
Set unlight and churn the cities in the sky

(Bridge, 1/2 time)
Lightning strikes red and the skies light up,
for a flash you behold his deadly gaze.
On a strong white horse
aloft by hell's belching chorus
the beast begins its mighty raid on high.

(Verse 2, 1x or 2x speed)
Through sacrifice his force grows strong
and Heaven's Gate shall not stand long
against the one and many that shall come
of chapel dust and stain-ed glass
unholy woods and alter ash
of moldy bread and rotting wine; they come.

Space and time bends and breaks
a way into a different plane,
a place of light and flightless men with wings-
But no time to observe!
Now they get what they deserve
as blades taste the molten waters of the vein

(Bridge, 1/2 time)
Scales and feathers in midair.
Blood runs black and red.
Seek the vengeance that you swear,
stomp and pile high the dead.
Profane whispers, curses screamed,
the time is neigh for victory!
Raise the blackened banners high
as angels weep and cherubs cry!

Bodies burn and blow away
or drown in waters pure.
Lighted dark or darkened day;
one's disease another's cure.
Corruption blacklists sympathy
whist sin retains its mutiny.
Raise the blackened banners high
as angels weep and cherubs cry!

(verse 3, 1x or 2x speed)
As they make haste to prepare
the lands lie open and bare,
for the few in heaven seek their master's aide.
As a cancer they attack,
clouds of white are tainted black,
righteous waters given way to bloodied slime.
In total chaos, Lord's rebel
one of Heaven, one of Hell
splitting worlds with the mightiest of blows.

With a flash follows dark,
all is done yet none are harmed.
For eternity both gods are nevermore.
Space nor time; none exists
none expected, none are missed
and the universe has noticed naught a thing.

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