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Saturday, November 07, 2009

My Love Story...Three Lil Words

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Part Four...  I know it's been a while...but lets continue ;)
  It was after midnight and we were talking on the phone in the early days of February.
  "Are you tired?" she asked me.
  "A little bit," I said, "but I'm talking to you. So there's no way I'm hanging up,"
  "Nothing. You've just been so gawsh darn sweet! You don't get mad. You don't yell at me. You don't ever ignore me. You complement me everyday. You're just you and...I..."
  I paused for a moment expecting her to continue her sentence. It seemed like the longest time as I sat on my bed in the dark.
  "You what?" I finally asked in a caring and sympathetic voice.
  "'s stupid. You're gonna think I'm crazy."
  "No I won't babe. Nothing you say is crazy...sometimes"
  She and I giggled momentarily until the silence settled in and she said...
  "Miguel...I Love You"
  My heart stopped for a moment. My mind blacked out for a second or two. The silence had more significance. Then I replied...
  "Can you uhh...can you say that again?"
  "I love you" she said in a more serious yet affectionate tone.
  I looked back on everything that had happend with us in the past months that we've been together for a split second. And it wasn't hard to see why she would say that. She said it...and she meant it.
  "Stephanie," I said
  "Yes?" she replied
  "I love you too"
  "Really?" she answered with a voice of ambition and excitment.
  "Really. I know a guy would normally freak out about this, but I'm not one of those kind of guys. I can honestly say, 'I love You'. And I mean it."
  "You're gonna make me cry! Stop it!"
  There was a moment of silence. Then I heard her giggle again. I gave a chuckle and asked, "What is it?"
  "You're amazing. I'm so lucky to have you"
  "No babe, I'm the lucky one. You found me."
  We kept talking and talking until the early hours of the next day. Now we both grew tired and had to call it a night. I told her that I'm here if she ever wakes up from her dreams and to call me as soon as she does. I told her I'll be dreaming of her tonight. I told her I'm not letting go.
  "Goodnight," she said in a tired and sweet voice.
  "Sweet dreams,"
  "Don't let the bed bugs bite,"
  "Only you're allowed to bite me,"
  "Heehee okay babe," There was yet another moment of silence. Then she broke it...
  "I love you"
  "I love you too"
  After we said our three words that binded us together, we hung up. I couldn't sleep. And I doubted the possibility that she was sleeping too. I wanted to call her but for some reason I couldn't. I kept anticipating her call, but it never came. No worries though. I was in love and it didn't bother me if she called me that night or not. I knew that she was just as ecstatic as I was to feel this feeling that you only read about in books, that you only hear about in songs. I knew that where ever she was, she was shaking inside with joy and overwhelming happiness just as I was. From that point on, the only thing that ran through my mind was her, her, her!
  Valentines Day 2008
  We had just got done watching a movie in the same theater from when we first met.  It was us two, and another couple that were good friends of ours.  We were sitting in the same restraunt from where she made the first move on me.  We all just sat there conversing with each other, waiting for our parents to come and pick us up.  As we waited I couldn't help but to notice a nervous smile on her face, as if we were on our first date.  She just kept smiling at me even when i wasn't looking at her or walking back and forth from the restroom.  I finally gave into her sweet smile and randomly kissed her. She smiled bigger and scooted over on her chair to lean into me as casually as she could.  And there we were just sitting there like two swans in a lake.
   She got a call from her dad saying that it's time to go and that he has her "stuff".  She said "I'll be right back!" And kissed me before she went off to her car.  It wasn't long before she finally came back with a little basket and a piece of cloth.
   "Happy Valentines Day!" She said as she handed me the basket.
   I looked in it and it was filled with cookies! But there were three that stood out the most.  They were virtically aligned and on each one it had red frosting that said:
   It was the sweetest thing I had ever recieved from anyone in my life! She then handed me the piece of black cloth, and it turns out it was a silk pair of boxers! They were decorated with red lips and underneath each lips read "Kiss Me". I was flattered and laughed.  I gave her a sweet long kiss in the middle of the restraunt and said "Thank You Babe" when I let go.
   Her dad offered to take me home and I toke the offer. We pulled into my drive way and I said, "Wait just a second please," as I stepped out of the car. I hurried to my room, grabbed her gift and quickly ran back outside to her as she waited outside the passenger door in the cold. Before I could say or do anything she asked me, "Will you be my Valentine?" I smiled and kissed her. "Of course I will" then she got on her toes to kiss me as I leaned over to her. Then i presented my gift to her and she smiled like she always does when I'm the only one looking. It was a bag, and in it was her favorite kind of stuffed animal; a penguin, sticking out of the bag with it's beady eyes.  She hugged me and squeezed me tightly before kissing me a good wet kiss that warmed us up.  We stood there just staring and smiling at each other until she had to leave and gave me a kiss goodbye and stepped into the car and just kept starring at me as if I was an angel.  But she was the angel in this world of mine. And all I wanted was to keep this angel happy and never leave me lonely. And so was working.
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