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Kill'emall 83 (2)
Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Love Story...something special

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   o.kay guyzz...part two :D ((oh and just to throw this out there: it's interesting to read while listening to Your Call by Secondhand Serenade...just saying))
   December 3, 2008-
   The day I found the rest of my life.
   She was everything that I ever wanted and more. I was everything she ever wanted and more. We were the happiest couple at school and maybe even all of Texas.
   It was Christmas Eve and we had to be together. I spent the whole day with her at her gigantic house just hanging out and making out. Even though all we did was spend the day locked up in her room, we were together, and thats what made the day...a good day. Our first Christmas Eve together was the best one we had in our lives. The day went by until the night approached and it was time to say our goodbye's. But before we did I had to take care of business. I had done a good job of hiding her present when I first entered her house and now it was time to show her the passion I had for her. We walked to the front door in the blackness of the night and then I stopped when i got to the door. "What?" she asked. I told her 'Before i go, I need to give you something. It's very special, and I hope you like it'. I reached behind the vase that stood next to the front door and pulled out a red, velvet rectangular box with two candy canes on the top that were adjusted to form a heart in the middle. Her eyes glistened and out came that smile I was hoping to see. "Oh my gawsh" she said in a higher pitch voice than usual. "But promise me that you wont open it till midnight tonight okay?", she said "I promise" and jumped up at me and kissed me where I stood. I heard the horn honk for me to go and I gave her one last kiss before I took off, but then she said "Wait!". I looked back and she went in the nearest room and came back with a small box and an envelope with my name on it. I smiled and took it from her slowly, gave her a kiss and said "Thanks babe". She became ecstatic and immediatly gripped my body with her arms and refused to let me go. She looked up and stared hard into my eyes and said "Wow". I was at a lost for words and just smiled. The horn honked twice this time and i knew that I really had to go. She slowly let me slip out of her arms and watched me walk away out her door, down to the sidewalk, into the car and out of sight.
   It was midnight and officially Christmas and it was like i was six years old again! I opened my box present and inside was a "Hollister Santa Monica" T-shirt, some chocolate and a necklace. Now I wasn't much of a Hollister person at first, in fact i kind of didnt like the gift at first, but it eventually grew on me. I heard a loud vibration next and looked at my phone that said i had a txt message. It was from her. I looked at it and it said "OH MY GAWSH!!!!". I replied with "What?!". Within the minute she called me saying "I love it!! I love it!!". And I could just tell by the sound of her voice that she was wearing that big smile that she wears. We talked for two hours and she was telling me how her parents 'approve of me'. Then we both grew tired and had to sleep. I was about to go to bed when i remembered that I still didn't open the envelope.
   I opened it and inside was a card, and this is exactly what it read:
      Dude. you is frikken amazing. i'm sooo very lucky to have you. i know i can get blahish but i swear to alwayz be yours. you are soo my punk. alrighty this is where i put Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
                ♥ alwayz Stephanie                                   PS im falling in love wih you"
   Time seemed to stand still on New Years Eve when we were together. We were once again locked up in her room watching the count down to 2009. The clock hit midnight in Texas and we celebrated in our own special way. I asked her "So whats your New Years Resolution?". She looked at me and said "To keep someone for as long as I can" and gave me a long and sensual kiss that I could live with forever. Then our lips parted and we stared at each other for the longest time. Me holding her and cuddling to keep her warm was the best feeling I had ever experienced. There was something special about this girl that made her different from all the other girls. And I was determined to find out exactly what it was. The new year went on as everyone celebrated outside. But not us. This wasn't the start of a new year, it was the start of something totally different. Something...special
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Kill'emall 83 wrote on Aug 30th, 2009 12:38am

dude you got to keep this story thing going man even though I hate romance shit this is pretty good. :headbang:


The Glass eyea wrote on Aug 30th, 2009 12:41am

haha thanx dude i am :D


Royelle_2009 wrote on Aug 30th, 2009 3:33am

AWWW!!!! I love it!!! Even better than the first one :)


Kill'emall 83 wrote on Aug 30th, 2009 7:30am

Wait Did this really happen to you or are you just making this up???


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