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Sunday, August 09, 2009

My Love Story...and so it started

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  This is part one of my lil love story blog series thing. I thought it would make a kinda good story for the kids ;)
   It was late night at the theater, me and nine other people were meeting up to see a movie. Little did i know there was one other person that was going change the rest of my life and i was going to change hers.
  She came to me first and said 'hey'. I was so nervous. She was beautiful and I could tell she was someone that took things to heart. She was no slut but neither was she a penny pincher; she was a just a girl that you can easily fall in love with. My voice cracked as I said 'Hi' and she giggled. I tried to play it off but it made her laugh instead. I told her what we were seeing and what we're doing after and the night went on...fortunatly we sat together and saw a scary movie and during every suspenseful scene she would hide her face in my shoulder and I would smile while everyone else was jumping screaming 'Oh Shit!'
   Later that night we went out to eat and it was just me, my two best friends, and her. Me and her sat there talking to each other and totally disregarding everything else. Then she grabed my phone away from me and smiled while she was typing in it. What else could she be doing other than putting her number in it?
   Weeks went by and we all continued to meet up at the movies and everytime we did she would show up too. We always sat next to each other and would critisize the movie we were watching along with messing with each other. You know: tickling & flirting, all the good stuff. It was fun everytime we saw each other whether it be at school or out of school.
   Then one day we all went to her gigantic house and messed around there for a while until everyone left and it was just me and her all alone in her game room. We listened to the radio and played a lil pool until she decided to go in for the kill! She tackled me unexpectedly and we started wrestling. At first she had me down on the floor in the good 'ol cowgirl position. But I caught her off guard and reversed it! I had her by the wrist, pinned down to the floor and waiting for the right moment. You guys know what I'm talking about! I teased her a lil bit; rubbing her lips on mine; resting my forehead on hers and rubbing our noses until I took one good look in her eyes. She smiled big, I smiled big. Then...we kissed!!
   Our lips felt so good against mine that we couldn't control ourselves; we had to keep going!! But it was only for a couple minutes until we had to stop and I had to leave. After all it was one in the morning! We walked outside together and it was a cold day in Texas, so I let her have my jacket even though she was wearing one already.
   When the time came for me to go I smiled and told her that "I'll see you tomorrow". She grabbed me by the shirt and kissed me hard. We kissed under the moonlight as I stroked her golden brown hair and she gripped my short black hair. I wished and prayed in my mind that time could stand still just for this one moment in my teenage life. But unfortunatly...nothing can last forever. We parted our lips, opened our brown eyes and I stared deep into them as she stared into mine. It seemed like forever until she finally said "I hope so" as she smiled the most beautiful smile....and so it started
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The Glass eyea wrote on Aug 10th, 2009 8:25pm

comment if you found it at the least bit interesting


gogreenguitar wrote on Aug 10th, 2009 11:15pm

I give you 2 kudos for taking your time to type that all up...


emma9393 wrote on Aug 12th, 2009 1:32am

nicely written!
I would smile while everyone else was jumping screaming 'Oh Shit!'

that part made me laugh


Royelle_2009 wrote on Aug 13th, 2009 2:06am



Royelle_2009 wrote on Aug 13th, 2009 2:08am



Kill'emall 83 wrote on Aug 29th, 2009 6:43am

Dude what happens next????


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