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Saturday, November 07, 2009

My Love Story...Three Lil Words

Part Four...  I know it's been a while...but lets continue ;)
  It was after midnight and we were talking on the phone in the early days of February.
  "Are you tired?" she asked me.
  "A little bit," I said, "but I'm talking to you. So there's no way I'm hanging up,"
  "Nothing. You've just been so gawsh darn sweet! You don't get mad. You don't yell at me. You don't ever ignore me. You complement me everyday. You're just you and...I..."
  I paused for a moment expecting her to continue her sentence. It seemed like the longest time as I sat on my bed in the dark.
  "You what?" I finally asked in a caring and sympathetic voice.
  "'s stupid. You're gonna think I'm crazy."
  "No I won't babe. Nothing you say is crazy...sometimes"
  She and I giggled momentarily until the silence settled in and she said...
  "Miguel...I Love You"
  My heart stopped for a moment. My mind blacked out for a second or two. The silence had more significance. Then I replied...
  "Can you uhh...can you say that again?"
  "I love you" she said in a more serious yet affectionate tone.
  I looked back on everything that had happend with us in the past months that we've been together for a split second. And it wasn't hard to see why she would say that. She said it...and she meant it.
  "Stephanie," I said
  "Yes?" she replied
  "I love you too"
  "Really?" she answered with a voice of ambition and excitment.
  "Really. I know a guy would normally freak out about this, but I'm not one of those kind of guys. I can honestly say, 'I love You'. And I mean it."
  "You're gonna make me cry! Stop it!"
  There was a moment of silence. Then I heard her giggle again. I gave a chuckle and asked, "What is it?"
  "You're amazing. I'm so lucky to have you"
  "No babe, I'm the lucky one. You found me."
  We kept talking and talking until the early hours of the next day. Now we both grew tired and had to call it a night. I told her that I'm here if she ever wakes up from her dreams and to call me as soon as she does. I told her I'll be dreaming of her tonight. I told her I'm not letting go.
  "Goodnight," she said in a tired and sweet voice.
  "Sweet dreams,"
  "Don't let the bed bugs bite,"
  "Only you're allowed to bite me,"
  "Heehee okay babe," There was yet another moment of silence. Then she broke it...
  "I love you"
  "I love you too"
  After we said our three words that binded us together, we hung up. I couldn't sleep. And I doubted the possibility that she was sleeping too. I wanted to call her but for some reason I couldn't. I kept anticipating her call, but it never came. No worries though. I was in love and it didn't bother me if she called me that night or not. I knew that she was just as ecstatic as I was to feel this feeling that you only read about in books, that you only hear about in songs. I knew that where ever she was, she was shaking inside with joy and overwhelming happiness just as I was. From that point on, the only thing that ran through my mind was her, her, her!
  Valentines Day 2008
  We had just got done watching a movie in the same theater from when we first met.  It was us two, and another couple that were good friends of ours.  We were sitting in the same restraunt from where she made the first move on me.  We all just sat there conversing with each other, waiting for our parents to come and pick us up.  As we waited I couldn't help but to notice a nervous smile on her face, as if we were on our first date.  She just kept smiling at me even when i wasn't looking at her or walking back and forth from the restroom.  I finally gave into her sweet smile and randomly kissed her. She smiled bigger and scooted over on her chair to lean into me as casually as she could.  And there we were just sitting there like two swans in a lake.
   She got a call from her dad saying that it's time to go and that he has her "stuff".  She said "I'll be right back!" And kissed me before she went off to her car.  It wasn't long before she finally came back with a little basket and a piece of cloth.
   "Happy Valentines Day!" She said as she handed me the basket.
   I looked in it and it was filled with cookies! But there were three that stood out the most.  They were virtically aligned and on each one it had red frosting that said:
   It was the sweetest thing I had ever recieved from anyone in my life! She then handed me the piece of black cloth, and it turns out it was a silk pair of boxers! They were decorated with red lips and underneath each lips read "Kiss Me". I was flattered and laughed.  I gave her a sweet long kiss in the middle of the restraunt and said "Thank You Babe" when I let go.
   Her dad offered to take me home and I toke the offer. We pulled into my drive way and I said, "Wait just a second please," as I stepped out of the car. I hurried to my room, grabbed her gift and quickly ran back outside to her as she waited outside the passenger door in the cold. Before I could say or do anything she asked me, "Will you be my Valentine?" I smiled and kissed her. "Of course I will" then she got on her toes to kiss me as I leaned over to her. Then i presented my gift to her and she smiled like she always does when I'm the only one looking. It was a bag, and in it was her favorite kind of stuffed animal; a penguin, sticking out of the bag with it's beady eyes.  She hugged me and squeezed me tightly before kissing me a good wet kiss that warmed us up.  We stood there just staring and smiling at each other until she had to leave and gave me a kiss goodbye and stepped into the car and just kept starring at me as if I was an angel.  But she was the angel in this world of mine. And all I wanted was to keep this angel happy and never leave me lonely. And so was working.
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Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Love Cycle of Suck

Being single sucks
getting to know someone takes forever so it sucks
falling in love is confusing so it sucks
thinking the first is the one is scary so it sucks
when the other gets distant it sucks
getting dumped sucks
depression is lonely so it sucks
being back on the market sucks
finding someone new sucks
going through the get to know eachother process AGAIN sucks AGAIN
falling in love with someone different brings back memories and it sucks
thinking thoughts of the furture about this new person is even scarier then the first time so it SUCKS
all in all

love itself is a cycle of suck!
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Monday, August 31, 2009

My Love Story...The Night I Fell For Her

Current mood: crushed

Part three gets better ;)
  Oh and for those of you that are wondering...this is all a real and true story that is of course based on my amazing love experience.
   Tonight was the night that I would fall for her. And damn did I fall hard!
   It was Jan. 31 and it was a night to remember. It was the night our ROTC was holding the Military Ball. For those of you who dont know waht that is, it's basically a prom night for the ROTC unit. All the guys dressed the same in our service coat uniform, but the girls had their choice of what to wear. I was early when I arrived at her house to pick her up. So early that she wasn't even ready. But hey, when are girls ever ready on time? I waited about 10 minutes until I finally heard a door open. I looked up and there she was at the stairs. More beautiful than ever! She wore a one piece, strapless teal dress that reached down about three inches above her knees. All I could think was 'Damn...thats my girl!!'. Before we left our parents wanted pictures, so we gave them pictures even though we were already running late.
   Time passed and we eventually got there without anyone noticing how late we were. I looked around and noticed that my date was the only one that came looking beautiful. We sat at a round table along with our friends. The same friends we used to hang out with at the movies, and that never would have predicted me and her holding hands. We talked and we laughed and shared stories from the past. But I just couldnt take my eyes off of her. It was like being in the presence of an angel. An angel that I was lucky enough to catch when she fell from the sky. Everytime I looked at her, she would look at me. We didn't know what to say, so all we did was smile and swiftly kiss. The time came to dance, and man did she want to dance! Now I wasn't exactly the dancing-in-a-crowd type of person, but this girl changed that for good. So off I went, by force, to go "dance my booty off". Of course dancing along with her during the fast paced songs made me realize what a lil live wire girl I had, and man did I love it. I knew that for as long as Im with this girl, I'll never have a dull moment in my life. She was...something else.
   Then along came a song that would make us realize something in our eyes. The song that makes girls cry for its beauty and fairy tale theme. "Fall For You" by Secondhand Serenade came on and it was like a scene from a movie when we danced to this. It was the first time I had ever heard that song and I'm glad I first heard it with her. The lyrics said exactly what I wanted to say but just couldn't: "A Girl Like You Is Impossible to Find". The whole time we slow danced our eyes locked in and I couldn't look anywhere else. Then came this overwhelming feeling I had never felt before. It was indescribable and unstoppable. It came so sudden and so unexpected that I lost my balance for a split second. It was just a mix of all kinds of happiness and wholeness. I smiled but I was totally unaware. She giggled and said "What is it?" as she smiled big. I smiled big, closed my eyes and whispered into her ear: "Nothing".
   The dance was over and the time came for all of us to go home and embrace the night. Lucky for me, I got to spend the night with her at her house. But we were so exhausted from the dancing and chatting that as soon as we went up stairs into her room we just collapsed on the bedroom floor next to each other and just stared up at the ceiling holding hands. Then she leaned over to lay on my body and almost fell asleep. But I sat up and gave her a sleeping kiss that woke her up suddenly. She looked around the room as if clueless and lost, then looked up at me holding her in my arms and smiled that smile that was only for me. I just couldn't believe it: this girl was mine and I was hers. The night was a night I could never forget and will definitly be in my mind forever.
   "It feels like I'm dreaming", she said as she closed her eyes and rested her head on my chest.
   I looked at her and said softly, "What do you mean?"
   Then she looked up and looked up into my eyes with an innocent face and said "Please don't wake me up. Promise?"
   I squeezed her tight as if hanging on for dear life wishing that time would just stop for a moment, just for the the two of us. But unfortunatly...nothing lasts forever.
   I closed my eyes as I held her close and felt a tear of overwhelming joy escape my eye sockets as I smiled and momentarily chuckled. Until I finally said, "Promise".
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Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Love Story...something special

Current mood: lonely

   o.kay guyzz...part two :D ((oh and just to throw this out there: it's interesting to read while listening to Your Call by Secondhand Serenade...just saying))
   December 3, 2008-
   The day I found the rest of my life.
   She was everything that I ever wanted and more. I was everything she ever wanted and more. We were the happiest couple at school and maybe even all of Texas.
   It was Christmas Eve and we had to be together. I spent the whole day with her at her gigantic house just hanging out and making out. Even though all we did was spend the day locked up in her room, we were together, and thats what made the day...a good day. Our first Christmas Eve together was the best one we had in our lives. The day went by until the night approached and it was time to say our goodbye's. But before we did I had to take care of business. I had done a good job of hiding her present when I first entered her house and now it was time to show her the passion I had for her. We walked to the front door in the blackness of the night and then I stopped when i got to the door. "What?" she asked. I told her 'Before i go, I need to give you something. It's very special, and I hope you like it'. I reached behind the vase that stood next to the front door and pulled out a red, velvet rectangular box with two candy canes on the top that were adjusted to form a heart in the middle. Her eyes glistened and out came that smile I was hoping to see. "Oh my gawsh" she said in a higher pitch voice than usual. "But promise me that you wont open it till midnight tonight okay?", she said "I promise" and jumped up at me and kissed me where I stood. I heard the horn honk for me to go and I gave her one last kiss before I took off, but then she said "Wait!". I looked back and she went in the nearest room and came back with a small box and an envelope with my name on it. I smiled and took it from her slowly, gave her a kiss and said "Thanks babe". She became ecstatic and immediatly gripped my body with her arms and refused to let me go. She looked up and stared hard into my eyes and said "Wow". I was at a lost for words and just smiled. The horn honked twice this time and i knew that I really had to go. She slowly let me slip out of her arms and watched me walk away out her door, down to the sidewalk, into the car and out of sight.
   It was midnight and officially Christmas and it was like i was six years old again! I opened my box present and inside was a "Hollister Santa Monica" T-shirt, some chocolate and a necklace. Now I wasn't much of a Hollister person at first, in fact i kind of didnt like the gift at first, but it eventually grew on me. I heard a loud vibration next and looked at my phone that said i had a txt message. It was from her. I looked at it and it said "OH MY GAWSH!!!!". I replied with "What?!". Within the minute she called me saying "I love it!! I love it!!". And I could just tell by the sound of her voice that she was wearing that big smile that she wears. We talked for two hours and she was telling me how her parents 'approve of me'. Then we both grew tired and had to sleep. I was about to go to bed when i remembered that I still didn't open the envelope.
   I opened it and inside was a card, and this is exactly what it read:
      Dude. you is frikken amazing. i'm sooo very lucky to have you. i know i can get blahish but i swear to alwayz be yours. you are soo my punk. alrighty this is where i put Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
                ♥ alwayz Stephanie                                   PS im falling in love wih you"
   Time seemed to stand still on New Years Eve when we were together. We were once again locked up in her room watching the count down to 2009. The clock hit midnight in Texas and we celebrated in our own special way. I asked her "So whats your New Years Resolution?". She looked at me and said "To keep someone for as long as I can" and gave me a long and sensual kiss that I could live with forever. Then our lips parted and we stared at each other for the longest time. Me holding her and cuddling to keep her warm was the best feeling I had ever experienced. There was something special about this girl that made her different from all the other girls. And I was determined to find out exactly what it was. The new year went on as everyone celebrated outside. But not us. This wasn't the start of a new year, it was the start of something totally different. Something...special
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Sunday, August 09, 2009

My Love Story...and so it started

Current mood: heartbroken

  This is part one of my lil love story blog series thing. I thought it would make a kinda good story for the kids ;)
   It was late night at the theater, me and nine other people were meeting up to see a movie. Little did i know there was one other person that was going change the rest of my life and i was going to change hers.
  She came to me first and said 'hey'. I was so nervous. She was beautiful and I could tell she was someone that took things to heart. She was no slut but neither was she a penny pincher; she was a just a girl that you can easily fall in love with. My voice cracked as I said 'Hi' and she giggled. I tried to play it off but it made her laugh instead. I told her what we were seeing and what we're doing after and the night went on...fortunatly we sat together and saw a scary movie and during every suspenseful scene she would hide her face in my shoulder and I would smile while everyone else was jumping screaming 'Oh Shit!'
   Later that night we went out to eat and it was just me, my two best friends, and her. Me and her sat there talking to each other and totally disregarding everything else. Then she grabed my phone away from me and smiled while she was typing in it. What else could she be doing other than putting her number in it?
   Weeks went by and we all continued to meet up at the movies and everytime we did she would show up too. We always sat next to each other and would critisize the movie we were watching along with messing with each other. You know: tickling & flirting, all the good stuff. It was fun everytime we saw each other whether it be at school or out of school.
   Then one day we all went to her gigantic house and messed around there for a while until everyone left and it was just me and her all alone in her game room. We listened to the radio and played a lil pool until she decided to go in for the kill! She tackled me unexpectedly and we started wrestling. At first she had me down on the floor in the good 'ol cowgirl position. But I caught her off guard and reversed it! I had her by the wrist, pinned down to the floor and waiting for the right moment. You guys know what I'm talking about! I teased her a lil bit; rubbing her lips on mine; resting my forehead on hers and rubbing our noses until I took one good look in her eyes. She smiled big, I smiled big. Then...we kissed!!
   Our lips felt so good against mine that we couldn't control ourselves; we had to keep going!! But it was only for a couple minutes until we had to stop and I had to leave. After all it was one in the morning! We walked outside together and it was a cold day in Texas, so I let her have my jacket even though she was wearing one already.
   When the time came for me to go I smiled and told her that "I'll see you tomorrow". She grabbed me by the shirt and kissed me hard. We kissed under the moonlight as I stroked her golden brown hair and she gripped my short black hair. I wished and prayed in my mind that time could stand still just for this one moment in my teenage life. But unfortunatly...nothing can last forever. We parted our lips, opened our brown eyes and I stared deep into them as she stared into mine. It seemed like forever until she finally said "I hope so" as she smiled the most beautiful smile....and so it started
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

It Was just One of Those Days

Current mood: cranky

Today was just one of those days........
When your manager at work comes up to you and tells you that you're being promoted to Crew Trainer at you're depressing McDonalds job......
You've been looking forward for this promotion....all your life....and you finally get it.....
He lets you off early and says you'll recieve your pay raise tomorrow....
You call up your friends and tell em about the good news....they offer you to come over and smoking some you go...i mean...what can go wrong?
The nxt walk into work and your store manager tells you that the store will be undergoing a suprise drug test....:eek:
Your test results are given to your manager and.....:( bye-bye promotion.....bye-bye employee discount ...bye-bye McDonalds :(
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