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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hello Mk. II

Current mood: quixotic

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Captain's log... forget it.
Right, last blog was fecking ages ago, so i guess I should sorta update.
What's new here then...I've contributed a few tabs, three got accepted and the rest were rejected because there's already tabs here, which is pretty cool. Very few ratings though, seems like nobody's using them :sad:
I've started exploring the pit properly. There is no going back now, it has corrupted my very soul, ruining all my chances of civility and courtesy in any social situation. So naturally, I get all my friends to look at it. Funnily enough, ALL gaming sites, in fact any site which somebody's viewed, has been blocked at school, yet the pit is open.
So that's all I do at school. As a result, I'm becoming more active here too. I've introduced myself in the Gaming thread, and immediately got lost in the world of RPGs and other games I've never heard of.
Ichikurosaki likes Persona 3 apparantly...
Anyway, I'm supposed to be preparing for my Higher exams starting tomorrow, so you can expect an update in about a year or so.
Not that anyone's reading this, right? :(
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