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Death - Crystal Mountain (1st ever recording)   (05:11)
I've been wanting to learn more about recording, so I figured, "what better way to learn than trial and error?". So, here's the first abomination, feedback is welcome. { Tags : Death, cover }
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Bugera 6262-212 sound demo, Death Metal tone   (00:32)
This is a Death Metal tone I recorded, just to demonstrate what kind of tones the Bugera 6262-212 is capable of. Just the guitar and the amp, Gain: 6, Bass: 10, Mid: 0, Treble: 10, Presence: 9
The guitar I used for this is a Jackson Ps-2 in C Standard tuning and some seriously thick strings ( the lowest one is .72).
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Bugera 6262-212, Heavy tone with extra EQ   (00:31)
I'm running a Behringer EQ700 graphic EQ and a Boss Me-20 into the FX loop this time. The Behringer is set to boos the extreme low & high frequencies and to slightly cut the middle frequencies. The Me-20 is only used for EQ, and it's set to boost low and high frequencies even more and to sharply cut the low-mid and high-mid frequencies.
Gain: 7, Bass: 9, Middle: 4, Treble; 7,5, Presence: 7
The riff sounds like Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus - Rajaton Rakkaus.
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