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Friday, May 28, 2010

Dead Doll Eyes. (comment you thoughts please)

Current mood: uncomfortable

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Dead doll eyes are something I have
because of the innosance I can never get back
I have something most girls lack
The ability to twist and turn my sole black

In this darkness deep within my eyes
Can you see the horror and lies
Can you see how Im confined inside
To myself, all alone
darkness and hate
cold as stone

In these dead doll eyes the light was taken
Yes, by suprise
The light is something I lac
Something Im trying so hard just to get back

The light will never be as bright
never like befor
but something a little less than befor
a simple shimmer an nothing more
Enough shimmer where you can see
The truth in me
Of what I used to be
Of what I can
And what I'm trying to be again
You know Its hard
Because of where I've been
What I've been through
But the shimmere is coming to
As these dead doll eyes are fading too
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Fear2Touch wrote on May 28th, 2010 1:47pm

i dont think theres as much depth in this one as compared to your untitled poem. i think there was more emotion in the other one and thats what this poem is lacking. when i read the other one i felt something for you: that i could try and relate to what you were going through but when i read this one i didnt really get anything. but its still good.


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