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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fresh Prince of Bel Air Lyrics - Gentlemanised.

Hear Hear, this is the tale, strictly about how, my existence got rotated, to an angle undecipherable to man.

And I should rather like to take time, I ask you to remain seated, and I’ll tell you how I became the prince of Bel-Air.


I was given my life in the western sector of Philadelphia

And I spent many a day outside on the yard that was to be used only for playing upon

Acting trendy and relaxing was the main orders for the day

And perhaps a game of basketball would break out from time to time outside of the educational facility.

Alas, trouble arose, a number of my peers happened to have evil conspirings at the time of our game; confined in my neighbourhood, my place of living.

Fisticuffs were their game, and my mother was not best pleased to say the least.

She told me I was to go and reside with my Aunt and uncle, in a town named Bel Air.


I wasn’t about to have her decision to rule all; so I pleaded for her to allow me to stay at my home.

However, my belongings were put into hard travel-cases and I was to leave.

She gave me a peck on the cheek, and also my ticket was gifted unto me, and I allowed my personal music playing device to play and said “One might as well enjoy it whilst one is capable.”


I travelled first class, and thought “hmm, this is rather satisfactory”

Orange juice, my favoured beverage, was being served to me in champagne glasses.

I asked myself, “is this how I shall be expected to live in my future residence? one would hope this to be the truth”


However, I’d heard many a tale of Bel Air; the boys were very much like girls, as they sipped wine and similar beverages.

I started to question whether or not it was the correct place for me to reside.

I thought to myself “I must see for myself, however, I hope they’re prepared for the ruckus this young prince shall bring unto them”


The plane landed and I departed, and I was shocked to discover a gentleman who appeared much like a policeman, holding a cheap sign with my name written upon it.

I didn’t much take to the idea of being held under arrest, after all, I had just arrived, so I swiftly escaped his clutches, to safety I thought.


I quickly asked for a transportation device to take me to my new destination

When it came close, I noticed that the licence plate was inscribed with “fresh” and there were cheap furry dice in the mirror

I thought that the opportunity to ride in such a pimpmobile wasn’t going to be given to me on a daily basis, so without questioning; I hastily embarked on my journey, to Bel Air, in said vehicle.


I came to a stop at around 7 in the evening, perhaps even 8 o’clock

And I said my goodbyes to the humble Taxi Driver

I looked towards my new residence and I had arrived

To sit on my throne

As the prince of Bel Air.

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