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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

So you want to dismantle a Telecaster...

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Part 2 out of 2 of So you want to dismantle... Telecasters!

Very much like a Stratocaster, Telecasters are easy to take apart, you only really need a screwdriver and a pair of pliers.

Part 1: The neck.

1. First of all, remove the strings. It's easy, simply unwind them from the tuning heads and either run them back through the body or through the back of the bridge (this just depends on whether it's a string through or not.)

2. Now you can take the neck off. Same as a Stratocaster, it's just four long screws:

3. I didn't put this step in the Stratocaster guide because there's a lot of variation, but you might also want to take the tuners off the neck. Some have a thread on the peg which a nut screws on to, which you can sort of see here:
 and some just have a ferrule (the tuning machine is usually affixed with a screw on the back of the headstock).  Anyway, you can figure it out.

4. Now that the neck is off, you can start on the body. We'll start on the pickguard. Take out the 8 screws and put them somewhere safe. On some Teles there's also two screws that hold the neck pickup on, take them out too but leave the pickup in its cavity (there may be springs in the screws).

5. The next step is to take off the bridge. There's usually just four screws at the saddle end:

Then you'll need to unscrew the three screws that hold the bridge pickup in. There'll be springs these screws too. Again, keep the pickup in the cavity for now.

6. Now comes time to take the control plate off. Undo the 2 screws at either end and lift it out a little. You can usually rest it on the top of the guitar, but not any further due to the length of the wires.

7. Now, to take out the pickups you'll need to desolder 4 wires; 2 from the 3-way switch and 2 from the volume pot:

As you can see there the two hot wires for each pickup are soldered to the switch and the ground wires are soldered to the back of the volume pot. While you're here you can pull the ground wire through the channel to the rest of the controls. One end is usually just clamped between the bridge and the body and the other end in soldered to the volume pot. You don't need to desolder this wire.

After desoldering the pickup wires, you can take them out of their cavities and put them away.

8. The last step is to desolder the jack wires. As above, the ground is on the tone put and the hot is on one of the lugs from the volume pot. Once you've done this you can lift out the control plate and all associated wires and also take the jack out. Some of them are on plates, like this (it's a Les Paul in the pic, but same thing):

and some are in cups:

9. Now toy can take off the strap pins and do what you will with anything.

Same as a strat, to put it back together, do everything in reverse pretty much, it's fairly simple. Any questions, leave a comment 

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Spaztikko wrote on Sep 6th, 2012 2:29am

Yeah I somehow want to mod a tele as well, so once again thanks!


whoomit wrote on Sep 7th, 2012 1:48pm

Spelling mistake in step #9 :p:


Telecaster7a wrote on Sep 7th, 2012 1:50pm

You mean this guy doesn't help you with all your modifications? 0/03/toy-story-3-woody.jpg


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