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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Regarding my recordings...

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I felt the need to say a few things about my recordings...

Sound quality: I am new to the whole recording process, and I'm not the greatest at mixing. There are going to be parts or tracks of songs that are too quiet or loud, tracks that don't blend very well, and muddiness. I'm also still experimenting with mixing the drums, especially the bass drum, so my overall drum tone isn't great yet.

Sloppiness: There are lots of mistakes throughout my recordings, especially in my solos (which are completely improvised at the moment). My technique with each instrument is around an intermediate level, but I still need to work on minimizing mistakes.

Lack of vocals: I don't sing well (which kinda sucks, considering I'm going for a music education degree), so I haven't recorded any vocals on my songs. This will probably make the songs sound a little repetitive. However, I'm planning on gathering a bunch of guest vocalists to record for a song or two. I have lyrics written, it's just a matter of actually getting some singers.

That's about it.

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