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Friday, December 19, 2008

Orginal Write Date 12-8

Current mood: None, or other

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-------------------------------------------------- --
When ones life is about his inactions
What is there to do
I'm sure this holds true
For not just me but for you
Those moves he never took
Those ideas written in his book
Incapable of doing what he wants
To timid, to shy
The lie he likes to buy
Just to make himself feel better
But when it comes crashing down
He will be the first to frown
Realizing what his inactions cost
Realizing all that he lost
His hopes, his dreams, his love
The one he held above
The rest of his life has now become
About inactions he thinks about when she comes
When a mans life is about his inactions in life
You realize why he has no wife
Why he is so sad and somber
Why there is so much to ponder
-------------------------------------------------- --
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