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fearstrike wrote on Nov 26th, 2008 1:53pm

really? woah, its a small world. its something i was trying to come up with a few years ago when i needed something more original than "livesunderfire" at that time (lives as in live, not living). it was originaly fearsstrike. with too s's. my friends and i used to joke about how it sounded like a violent late 1980s video game.


QuakerBaker wrote on Dec 12th, 2007 4:05am

Hey man I just wanted to say that I fully agree with you on your comment with Seether and their triumph in South America. I am talking about the review in Seether:Finding Beauty in Negative Places. I thought it was really noble of you to put that out there and I even commented on it considering you were the only one who said something about that guy. I have been a hardcore Seether fan ever since I heard fine again from a cd I found in 5th grade. Im in 11th now and I finally saw them live last month. I loved it and I got to meet all of them and get their autogrpah on the lyric book and the cd. I was so happy I was shaking. They are such a musical inspiration to me and Im glad to see a native fan speak their mind. Just wanted to get that out there. See ya!

The Quake


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