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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Have Written First Song Ever

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Well Im kinda proud of myself, its a milestone for me that Ive really never attempted or wanted to until now.  Its has always been a goal for me to write, play and record my own stuff now for 6 years since I picked up a guitar and now im finally doing it!

Its weird for me to write something because music to me is very personal and contains a lot of feelings that cant be understood completely.  Its a big step for me to finally put myself out there in the form of music, and let people listen to me, and not me playing someone else. 

The song I have titled "Hell Over Heaven"

Basically it all was written around the first line I wrote "Heaven has lost this war, Hell burned it all away."  Kind of a one line chorus if you will. For my first song I kept it short and sweet at 2m 34sec.  Only a 2 bar intro, 2 verses and about a minute long guitar solo.

Drums were MIDI done using Xpand2 with Pro Tools LE 8.  I never have used any MIDI Drums or drums period in any song ive ever covered, never had any experience with them.  Finally took that leap here too and decided to take the time being my own song to program the drums, again kept it pretty simple for a first time. Still learning this aspect of recording.

Bass was also MIDI, really no bass knowledge of any kind so gonna have to experiment a lot with this.  Definitely my weakest point right now I think.

Guitars were done using SansAmp PSA-1 in Pro Tools, using different pre-sets and tweaking them slightly to taste.  Guitars were recorded with DI to my M-Box Mini.

Vocals were recorded in my bedroom with my ZOOM H2 Portable Recorder.  I think this thing actually gives me a pretty good vocal recording and I can move it to record in any room of the house.  No dedicated microphone as of right now to record vocals until I save the money for one to make the vocals shine.  Recording in a duplex apartment so can only really sing when neighbors are not home, because it gets very loud.  Guitar is no problem with the Direct In and headphones.

Definitely liked writing this song and can see many more on the way, already working on the next, hope to put it up in the not so distant future.

Check out "Hell Over Heaven" on profile, give me your feedback! THX!
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