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Thursday, June 19, 2008

What this world needs right now is you.

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I know I don't do blogs that often, but this time I really feel like writing one.  And as usual, there is someone or something that I'm going to rant about, but this time I'll probably go off onto a bunch of other things too, so here we go.

    So as some of you may have seen, about a week ago a girl sent me a message saying that she liked the fact that I hate the government.  I have no fucking clue where she got that from anyway, if you can figure it out please let me know.  The fact is, I like the government I feel that there needs to be a government or this world would never work.  The problem however is the people running the government.  Now, I'm not saying that they're all bad because there are some that are not that bad.  But what we need is more of those good people, not people who are doing things for their own gain or things that are going to run this country, and eventually the whole world, to shit.  I'm not going to cite anything specific because if you care enough you either already know, or you can look it up yourself (a little bit of effort into educating yourself is probably what you need anyway). 

    And also from the girl that I was talking about previously, she also said that there needs to be more people who don't care about what's going on in the world right now.  This is just fucking great because first of all, we already have enough of those people and there needs to be far less of these people.  It's because of these people that we make no real change in some things.  They are exactly what the government of today loves, they're uneducated so they can get them to believe whatever they want them to, and they don't know any different.  They can be pushed around and won't say anything about it.  Another awesome example (in my opinion) is religion, specifically catholics (again, my opinion and because I really hate catholics).

     For this particular case I'm going to go back a few decades in this example then kind of gradually work forward.  Years ago if a child was to say that a priest tried to touch them or assault them or anything of that nature, that child would have been scolded or beaten or punished in some way for saying bad things about someone who had such a high power status, because in those days priests were regarded almost like police officers or other important figures.  Nothing would have been done.  However today, those people are older and have children of their own.  Now if one of their kids is to come home and say something like that, their parents would listen and report it because they had the same thing happen to them as a child.  This is why there are more cases of this being reported.  And the reason that the people in the church were regarded as such powerful people is because the church had brainwashed them into thinking that these people were the messengers of god and that they were holy people.  They were able to control the people by telling them that they have to be good people and do as they say to get into "heaven".  More people are starting to realize that this god that they've been taught to worship does not exist.  It was just a made up story to keep these people down and under the control of another group of people.

    This is what the United States government has been doing since WWII when it realized that they could use fear to get it's population to do whatever it wanted to.  This is why we have bases in almost every nation of the world, so why, you may be asking, don't these nations just say no?  Because often times they're 3rd world countries that would never be able to fight against us, or we offer them things that they desperatly need in exchange for land to put these bases on.  They've also used the fear tactic to get their own nation to fuck itself over.  Remember 9/11?  Remember when Bush got full power to do whatever he felt necessary to take revenge on the people he felt responsible?  Now, if you don't see where the problem is in that situation read it again and think about it for a bit.  Did Iraq really have anything to do with 9/11?  Not really, but they used fear to convince the nation that they were and that they had weapons of mass destruction.  Were any ever found?  No.  They did not have any, however Bush said they did, and the American people, filled with fear over another attack, beleived him.

    Also, another thing some people tend to forget to do is to look into the future.  By giving Bush the ability to use whatever force he felt necessary without restrictions this means that we cannot stop him through Congress or anything of that nature, because he will veto them as he has done mutliple times in the recent past. 

    Now I'm going to break away from the Bush thing for a little bit, maybe I'll get back to it maybe I won't we'll see as I go on.  But still sticking with the fact that people don't look into the future, this is another reason why the world has such problems.  People look at something and say, "Hey, it works now and nothing's wrong with it now, who cares what it does in the future."  That's one of the major reasons of the pollution levels today and the global climate change (I've decided to call it this because not every place is actually becoming warmer).  This is also another cause of all of the garbage and waste humans produce.  Instead of things being made of metal and of a much higher quality, they're made of plastic and are made as cheaply as possible.  So when it breaks we say, "Well, this was only a few dollars I can just throw this away and go buy a new one."  Some of you might be thinking, "But I'm only one person, the things I do aren't going to make a big difference."  True, if you were just one person doing this it wouldn't make a difference, but you're not just one person doing it, you're one of around 6 billiion people in the entire worlds population doing this.  Next time you think of buying something, ask yourself if you will be able to use this well into the future, even if it may cost you a few extra dollars now, it will pay off later on.

    On to education, now I'm not going to be talking about school education because I feel that it is too widely talked about and it gives people someone else to blame for their own unintelligence.  Also keep in mind that I do not think that I am smarter than any of you that may be reading this or anyone else for that matter.  I am well aware of the fact that there are many people much smarter than I am.  What I'm going to talk about is self education.  Too many people I know don't bother to actually take the time to learn something themselves, much less let someone else teach it to them, because they feel that it has no importance to them or their lives or what they want to do in life.  If it won't give them any kind of immediate gratification or something like that, they're not going to take the time to learn it.  Which is incredibly pathetic in my opinion, why would someone not want to learn as much as they can about things?  Are people today completely turned off by intelligence and turned on to stupidity?  Do they want to go through life not knowing something that could change their lives, or the lives of other people in a positive way?  I just don't understand it.

    If someone was to be more educated, they could make their own choices on things and not rely on someone else to tell them what's "right" and what's "wrong".  This has caused a lot of problems in the past, present, and I'm going to guess it will cause catastrophic problems in the future if people continue on this trend of noneducation.

    So with that, I will say my final words and let you get back to whatever you took the time out of doing to read this, and for that I greatly appreciate it.  Go out, educate yourself in things that you see going on around you in the world.  What the world needs is more educated independantly thinking people, what this world needs right now is you.
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