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Warwick neck pup: 3 fingers 90 BPM   (01:05)
Test of my warwick using neck pup at full volume, bass and treble set at half. bass connected straight to an external audio interface. this has been done with 3 finger plucking at 90 BPM. they are all triplets { Tags : triplets, luthier, three, fingers, warwick }
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Warwick Bridge pup shitty slap   (00:25)
Just a take so that yoy can hear the bridge pup while slapping... I am not a great slapper, though. { Tags : slap }
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Jazz Bass Shitty Slap   (00:25)
not THAT shitty. I think this is a much better take, since the 5 string is new, and i am not used to it yet. hear so that you don't think i definetly stink...
ah, made with both pichups, full volume, tone knob to the max. { Tags : slap }
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Bach's Cello suite for Jazz Bass   (02:41)
The "cello song" adapted for electric bass. Recorded with my VM Jazz straight to the audio interface. i didn't add any effects, compressor or EQ to this using software. the audio is basicly raw. Hope you enjoy it, it had some mistakes, but it's ok. { Tags : Bach, Jazz, bass, classic }
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