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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Album Challenge, day.... not enough left

Current mood: worried

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Good news everyone! Not only are you reading this is Professor Farnsworth's voice, but I've invented a device that plays the final cut of Soldarity! It's here. Mixing that down gave me serious trouble. Gosh.

Breakdown of what's left to do in these last Jesus Christ how are there suddenly only 7 days left.

-I should get Zeph's recordings soon, when I do I'll finish the whole choon.
Shouting Down
-Not much really, I think just the mixdown.
Tent City Inn
Free Suit
-I want to alter the drum pattern at the drop.
-Mixing down

-All of the programming.
-Write the outro.
-Mix down.

Fuck sleep anyway. (((:()))
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