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Friday, February 18, 2011

Album Challenge, Day 17

Current mood: indifferent

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Haven't updated in a while because I've been only sort of working. Newest set of news:

The two spot is tentatively called Shouting Down, but I'm also thinking about calling it You Shall Listen. Gravemind sampling occurs. (In case you forgot, that's the big bastard flood from Halo 2. He says, among other things, "there is much talk, and I have listened through rock and metal and time. Now I shall talk, and you shall listen." The end bit works quite nicely for my revolution theme. If only Free Suit fit in.) It's mean and techy and hard and needs work on the transitions, and I made the preview (with too much sub again I think), but soundcloud is being a douchecartel and won't come up, so uploading didn't occur. Soon, tomorrow maybe.

The track order has changed because going straight from that into Tent City Inn would be jarring. I might even need to come up with a middle-ground tune at the last minute, but for now, here's the list, with (more for me than you guys) what I have left to do.

1. Febalchin
Still waiting on Zephyr's end here, but that's fine, I have plenty else to do. Need to finish writing. Need to mix down.
2. Shouting Down/You Shall Listen
Need to improve transitions, EQ, and mix down.
3. Free Suit
Need to make less repetitive and mix down.
4. Tent City Inn
Nothing! :D
5. Solidarity
Need to finish writing (I'm close) and mix down.
6. Huria
Need to finish writing, do all the programming, and (of course) mix down.
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