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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Album Challenge Day 12

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Mainly writing this one out of force of habit now. I've started my two-spot and it's gonna be sweet. Called Shouting Down, although that's only a working title and I'm probably gonna alter it slightly. Lots of FM synths in it. And so for it has no hihats and doesn't feel like it needs any (weird). If you want a preview of the melodies I'm dealing with you know where to go, but it's super early and some of the timing is even off.

I guess the main point of this was a complete track list ^_^

1. Febalchin - suspenseful
2. Shouting Down - brash
3. Tent City Inn - sort of restful while still building
4. Free Suit - Eerie, conflicting.
5. Solidarity - Powerful and slipping into something major.
6. Huria - Too damn happy.
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