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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Album Challenge, Day 11: Something Final This Way

Current mood: Fierce excitement bitches.

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Holy shitty titties is that a FINAL of the track formerly known as Thundersleet?

You bet your sweet ass it is. The final name is Tent City Inn. That fits well into the overarching narrative my album kinda has, with the exception of Free Suit, which is just cool. It actually took me a shockingly small amount of time to mix this down, which makes me think something is wrong with it... Let me know what you guys think.

Yesterday I didn't do much because mah woman turned 21. Sue me.

Tracklist as it stands:
1. Febalchin (feat. TheZephyrSon)
Not necessarily done writing it. Some good synth work has happened.
2. ?
I'm looking for something both catchy and nasty here. Not sure what yet. May listen to some Heatbeat for inspiration. (Ideas: Vergatron||Hadoken (holy shit)||Neitherworld [Heatbeat Remix])
3. Tent City Inn
Now final.
4. Free Suit
Needs mixing down and to be slightly less repetitive. Maybe more effect-type samples.
5. Solidarity
I haven't returned to it since I posted the preview, so all the same issues remain.
6. Huria (formerly Febalchin)
I'm defs happy with the happiness now. It fits with what I want it to be. Starts with a trance-speed break beat so I can mix in, then jumps into freeform, honestly almost borderline happy hard (spit). Almost done writing, no synthing yet. May sample one recently deposed President.
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