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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Cruefest 2

Current mood: sore

    So I was at Cruefest 2 this Thursday. It was a good show, I still think the first Cruefest was better though. Motley Crue played all of the Dr. Feelgood album, then Saints of Los Angeles, Shout at the Devil, Home Sweet Home, and ended with Girls, Girls, Girls. Normally they end with Home Sweet Home but I guess this tour is different. I wish they played more songs but it was cool they played a whole album. I can't wait to see what Cruefest 3 will be!
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Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Current mood: amused

    I got to drive my car today for the first time, it was nice. It's a 1990 sumthing Ford Contour (white). It accelerates wicked fast!
    I want to buy musicians gear strings...just because they're like 4 bucks a pack...I wanna see if they're any good. But I don't feel like ordering a $4 set of strnigs and have to pay $10 for shipping. Too bad no one sells them in their stores. I guess I'll have to add them on to my next big order that qualifies for free shipping.
    School starts in like 8 days...but thats cool cuz I've got an awesome car to drive to school in now, and its my senior year. I'm pulling pranks on my school all year round.
   Well I suppose this is all the randomness that I can think of at the moment...
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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Band troubles

Current mood: tired

So I've been in two bands so far each for about a year and they both failed miserably. The first band we had a guitarist who never felt like playing guitar, and another one who wouldnt shut up. The second one no one wanted to focus they just wanted to mess around. We finished like 2 songs in the first band, and never finished a single one in the second band. I must say that that is pretty pathetic for each band being together a whole year. I want to form another band this year and see what happens...I would like a be able to play at least one show before I graduate high school in June. I'm thinking about staying a solo act, but I don't sing. So I dont know how hard it would be to get gigs with just one guitarist.
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