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Earth Day (Devin Townsend full band cover)   (09:03)
Earth Day by Devin Townsend. This song became too huge and overwhelming near the end. My computer could barely handle all the tracks and files. The vocals are awful...sorry. { Tags : Earth, Day, Devin, Townsend, erectile, dysfunction }
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The Final Cut (Coheed and Cambria full band cover)   (06:08)
Coheed and Cambria song. Winning entry for the January 2010 song competition. Everything played / mixed by me. Main vocals by my friend Valerie (FreakAddiction on UG)! { Tags : coheed, cambria, claudio, sanchez, cover, prog, rock, pink, floyd, solo, progressive }
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Orbital   (05:11)
First original song I've ever written. Ever. { Tags : Metal, yes }
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The Horn Cape (Dagoba full band cover)   (02:57)
Instrumental track off the 'Poseidon' album. Started and finished in TWO DAYS. If you are at all familiar with how long it takes me to work, the time it took to make this is insane. Recorded this as practice. It paid off, I think. I dig how it sounds. Could be better, but it's still solid. PIRATE METAL! { Tags : pirate, metal, dagoba, poseidon }
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Permanence   (03:58)
Straight-up melodeath. Took me a year to finish this song, but this is as good as it's going to sound. Probably because I didn't record it in Sweden. { Tags : melodeath, permanence, melodic, death, metal, spoony }
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