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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Technology I'd Like to See in the Year 2019

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Inspired by a thread paintITblack39 made in the Pit today in addition to the fact that I just got done watching the newest Futurama movie. I was going to respond in the thread, but my response was so long, I decided to turn it into a blog.

Here's some technology that I have always seen in movies and TV that I'd really like to see become a reality. Note: I'm ignoring the ethical and moral implications of these inventions for the sake of interest.

-Gadgets that attach to your lower arm, wristband type things, that do everything for you. Wallet, phone, camera, music, video, conference calls, GPS, news, internet...all on your arm. I know modern phones are trying to do this 'everything in one' device, but none have done it perfectly (no, not even the iPhone), and I'd like to see that. The wrist attachment part is just for a bit of a 'badass' touch.

-Teleportation. To be honest, I'd probably be afraid to try it myself, but I think the epitome of human scientific achievement would be standardized teleportation. There are so many ways teleportation could be used as an advantage to everyday life. It would change everything. There is also an equal amount of ways that it could be used for EVIIIIIL, though. It's probably the second most dangerous technological advancement next to time travel, though...which I'm pretty sure is impossible. So most dangerous.

-Fully functional HUDs. Like in Iron Man. In helmets or cars or better yet, in sunglasses. I think this would easily become my favorite. Think about it. Somehow this could plug into a database (probably through your badass wrist apparatus), and access info on every person you see, and display this info right in the air next to them. Like 3D Facebook, basically...only it wouldn't actually be floating in the air, but it would appear so through your sick shades. On the side you'd have gauges displaying the status of different body functions, like blood pressure, temperature, mood or what not...pretty much like a health bar (can you tell i play a lot of video games yet?). Oh man, I could go on and on about the possibilities...weather alerts, GPS directions and maps, danger indicators...fuck yeah.

-Come to think of it...Iron Man suits.

-Robots are a given, I think. Of course, I'm thinking of a world like in Futurama, where robots just become a race of people. I'd want my own robot best friend, like Bender.

-I'd like a sexy female voice to speak to me about stuff whenever I'm in my house. I could just be hanging out watching TV, and I could say, "Computer, how's the weather looking today?" and a breathy female voice would reply, "Currently, it is 66 degrees outside, with a high of 73 later in the afternoon, and a 25% chance of showers, Mr. Bard". And when I get into my car to go somewhere, she is there too, giving me voice directions. I know GPS devices have these voice functions, but I mean, the voice computer of the future complements me on my wardrobe, no matter how poorly matched my shirt and pants are. The future is wonderful.

-And of course, to conclude, this is one I've wanted for the longest time: Lightsabers. Methinks I need not say more, friends.

So leave a comment and let me know what you guys think, as well. I know there's a lot I overlooked, but I'm leaving it up to you to fill in the blanks.

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Andragon wrote on Mar 19th, 2010 12:23am

Hovering: Just think bout it.


lefthandedkid wrote on Nov 11th, 2010 2:25pm

I can honestly agree with this entire list, what I would do for all of it, especially the light saber (although most of us would end up cutting out our own arms with it, but that is what robotic limbs are for)


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