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Sudaka (1)
Sunday, August 16, 2009

The 'Great' 'Debate'

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Adequete punctuation for a point so pointless I won't make a thread about it.

Guitar vs. Bass. I will start off by saying that this is plain retarded, the bass and guitar are meant to work together in a band, it is irrelevent how difficult one is.

How can one instrument be more difficult than another? If you are lucky enough to own a guitar and a bass play the fifth fret of the E string, was one more difficult than the other? NO. What you play is difficult or not, not what you play it on.

If you are encountered by a smug but musically retarded person who says "bass am easier 'cos has less stringses" point out that having less strings would make things more difficult, you wouldn't say to an amutee 'its easier for you to walk because you have less legs' would you? If they think that having larger frets makes it easier, kill them. No one that stupid should pollute the gene pool so kill the rest of their family too.

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Sudaka wrote on Mar 31st, 2012 4:52pm

Why do you think from time to time bassist have to endure conversations like "bass is easier to play" or whatever...? It may be true that some uf us arrived to bass after leaving guitar, (i do) but that doesn't mean we could handle the bass in a more natural way since we could connect with it in a different matter... i don't know, why do you thin k it's like this?


Spaz91a wrote on Apr 1st, 2012 12:13am

Because basslines tend to be simpler is most modern music. This isn't a bad thing but it does reinforce the belief that bass itself is easier.


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