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Thursday, August 14, 2008

This update is blatantly pointless.

Current mood: Jambi the Genie.

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Since no one pays attention to this, I'd just like to get a few things of my mind.

  • Currently, I'm reading The Indie Band Survival Guide and it is a pretty damn useful book! It's by two of the guys in Beatnik Turtle, a band I'd never heard of before the book, who went through all the struggles of getting their music out that some are now going through. It is truly a vital tool to anyone who wants a legion of fans and friends.
  • I've been writing a story called El Ten Tonne Luchadore which is essentially a story about a couple of fuckoffs who come together to rock the Earth after catching a glimpse of the titanic wrestler.
  • Whitechapel makes me very fucking pleased to be a Tennessean!
  • Gojira is going to release another album soon. Badass.
  • I've finally gotten some art onto my DeviantART. Go to my page, assbagels.
  • I'll say it again! Visit my DeviantART!
  • I've lost a decent amount of weight. 23-25 lb. Not quite to my goal, but getting there!
See you all later.

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