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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

IWRESTLEDABEARONCE: Metal just got gay, and so can

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Here's a cool video I found! It's a two part phone interview which this station zazzed up just so they could spread it. I'm really liking this band right now, so I just thought I'd help. However, the damned Ultimate-Guitar Gods won't allow embedding in blogs, so you'll have to go there yourself.

"These are parts one and two of a two part phone interview done with the wonderful gentleman guitarist from iwrestledabearonce, Steven.

The interview runs about fifteen minutes and it is quite possibly the best interview Bam and I have ever done in our radio careers. We were grinning from ear to ear afterwards for what seemed like forever and we have Steven and iwrestledabearonce to thank for that!

This is also a display of how NOT to conduct an interview, but rest assured we are not professionals. We are fans of music and we have no sense of propriety and patently ignore all mores in our culture.

I just threw this together to get the interview out there, so bear with me.

Love you in the mouth,
Ron House

Part One

Part Two

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