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Sunday, December 12, 2010

My First Live Performance

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Ready for a story?  Good!

On December 9, 2010 my band and I, who have only gotten together for the soul purpose of this day, competed in a Battle of the Bands competition.  We had only 2 weeks of time to learn and practice our rather simple, but well known songs...  We practiced with each other about 4 times.

I was the first one to the high school's auditorium, followed by the drummer and vocalist, then shortly after them, our rhythm guitarist showed up.  After we were done carrying in our stuff and put the guitar stuff in the back, we helped one of the other bands (and little did we know the opening band) set up their gear.

I bet you think this is a boring monologue by now, but stick with it, it'll get better.  Nobody had a sound check.  Only the hostesses had a sound check for their microphones into the crowd.  The first band that was up was an indie band who had done gigs in Pittsburgh.  Due to the fact nobody got a sound check, and the fact that you had to like indie to like their music, they were a flop.

The next act was a one man acoustic act.  What the audience could hear of his vocals were not so great.  While he was playing his set we got the drum set and our amps and guitars moved over and into position for our set.

So after the acoustic set was done, it was our turn and we were the last band to perform.  I hooked everything up and turn on my amp to hear one thing under my playing.  BUUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!


I switched off the bridge pickup and tried to remedy the problem.  I moved around (within the distance of my pedal and amp) to no avail.  I was shit out of luck.

We played thru "Animal I Have Become" by Three Days Grace and we horribly went out of sync in the bridge.  After that song was done I switched to my Agile and our rhythm guitarist re-tuned up to E standard.  All the while our drummer played a drum solo, which went well to my ears, but apparently he found it necessary to go up to the mic and announce he messed up horribly.  It didn't bother me that he did this because the audience got a laugh out of it, but as I learned the next day one of the judges said that it was very un-professional.  Whatever...

We then went to Still Waiting by Sum 41.  No major mess ups as far as I could tell, but we were keeping in time by watching the others.

Then we played Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes... Went pretty good as far as I could tell.

Then we had to move on to the last song...  Little did I know we were given a 4 minute warning by one of the hostesses in the MIDDLE of Seven Nation Army... Oh well.  The last song we played was Enter Sandman by Metallica.  This one was nerve racking... We went in and out of time and/or sync, I felt I completely effed the solo (I was told I didn't, but I know I did.) and our singer was still off-pitch.

After the song was done we left the stage extremely disgusted with ourselves, only to find out we had won first place.

What??  I though we did terrible!  The other two bands performed much better than what we did.... Oh well I guess.

We all got about $20 in prize money.

So basically, my band and I made $80 total for playing a 20 minute set.
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redskinguitar wrote on Mar 19th, 2011 2:58am

Sweetbix :) What's your band called? I like the fact that you played Metallica, Seven Nation Army and Sum 41 xD


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